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Monthly Archives: November 2013

  • Portland again!

    I have just landed at the Portland airport with my new sewing machine and a suitcase full of some of the fabric I bought here last year. Ready for 2 weeks with Pati and Marta at the Palmer/Pletsch school of sewing!

  • Ode to Style Arc and Colette Pants

    Front of Katherine Pant Front of Katherine Pant

    Altering pants patterns is difficult. Many of the alterations are counterintuitive (make the seam allowance bigger to make room for your rear? What?), and it is really hard to see behind you, even with a couple of mirrors. 

    It seems to me  most commercial pants patterns are drafted for 20-year-old athletes who have never had children. I have altered a few commercial pants patterns under the tutelage of Pati Palmer. They fit wonderfully, but Pati does not live with me (sadly). What can a normal person do without constant assistance from Palmer/Pletsch fit experts?

    side of Katherine Pant side of Katherine Pant

    A normal person can buy her pants patterns from Style Arc or Colette! Style Arc is an Australian company with a ton of fashion-forward patterns. The first time I received one, I thought the company had sent me its master copy by accident. Each pattern is a single size and is traced by hand on an as-needed basis onto strong paper. The patterns are simple and lovely. I store them flat on a long shelf.


    Back of Katherine Pants Back of Katherine Pants

    My favorite Style Arc pants pattern is the Katherine Pant. My daughter thought the pattern had been made especially for me (since my name is Katherine). After sewing them up with no alterations, I have to agree. This pair is made from linen underlined with an old cotton bed sheet. The underlining helps them hang well and stay a little less wrinkly. 





    Front of Colette Clovers Front of Colette Clovers




    This next pair are Colette Clovers. I tried to make some alterations to them. I redrafted the waistband to create more room for my tummy. The new waist was too big, so I pulled out the original waistband, cut it out, and the pants fit great. I used a dark wash lightweight denim with some stretch.


    Thank you Sarai of Colette and Chloe of Style Arc.  


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