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  • We Have The Cashmerette Appleton Dress Paper Pattern

    Kate in front of store wearing Cashmerette Appleton dress Cashmerette Appleton Dress Paper Pattern sewn in Organic Soy Knit

    Close-up of hem basted in place Wrap Dress Hem Basted in Place -- Ready for the Cover Stitch Machine

    Closeup of Wrap Dress Basted Hem Bottom Hem Basted in Place from the Wrong Side -- Ready for the Cover Stitch Machine!

    I am so excited that we have the Cashmerette Appleton Dress Paper Pattern! Jenny has designed six patterns for curvy women in the past year, and I'm sure she has more in the pipeline. Sizes range from 12 - 28, with cup sizes C - H. Woo Hoo! Here is the link to our pattern.


    Based on my hip and bust measurements, I cut out a size 12 with cup size G/H. The size 14 with cup size G/H would have been better. You can see in the photo that the skirt wrap is pulling to the side. Next time I will cut out the size 14! (And, there will definitely be a next time.)

    Using the sewalong on the Cashmerette website made sewing the dress a breeze. The fabric I used was The Confident Stitch Organic Soy and Cotton Knit in Navy and Organic Soy and Cotton Knit in Loganberrywhich were both easy to sew with and super comfortable to wear.

    Extra Steps lead to success!

    A few minutes of hand stitching can set things up for success. I wanted to sew the hems of this dress with the coverstitch machine, which meant stitching from the right side without being able to see if I was catching the hem. So, I hand basted the hem with our Japanese fine silk basting thread from the wrong side, which allowed me to see the stitching line from the right side, and get a perfect cover-stitched hem the first time. The silk thread slipped out easily after I stitched the hem.

    I recommend this pattern with only one caveat -- It has negative ease in both the bust and the hip, meaning that the final bust and hip measurements will actually be smaller than your bust and hip, so you may want to size up, or at least be honest with yourself about your measurements (a lesson I need to learn over and over again!).

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