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  • Jalie Eleanore Pull-On Jeans Pattern Review

    Eleanore pull-on jeans Front View Eleanore pull-on jeans front view

    Bonnie made a cute pair of Jalie Eleanore Pull-On Jeans out of floral stretch denim -- available here.  They look cute on her, but she did make some major alterations. Here is her review of the pattern:

    Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

    Yep it did, after many adjustments.

    Were the instructions easy to follow?

    Yes, they were.

    What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

    I loved the style and the use of stretch denim. I didn’t like the lowness of the rise, or the single-layer yoke.

    Fabric used:

    Floral Stretch Denim from The Confident Stitch.

    Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:

    After comparing the pattern to a pair of ready-made pull-on jeans I like, I made some changes based on the differences between the pattern and the ready-made jeans. My ready-made jeans had a much higher rise, so I raised the back rise by 3 inches, and the front rise by 1 inch.

    I also had trouble making the waist small enough, so I created a fake fly with 3 hooks, which allowed me to cinch in the waist and still get the pants over my hips.

    Would you sew the Eleanore Pull-On Jeans again? Would you recommend the jeans to others?

    Why, yes I will. I love my pants. I recommend this pattern to intermediate sewers who know how to alter patterns.


    The Eleanore Pull-On Jean is a great pattern for anyone who loves a low-rise. It is also a good pattern for anyone who wants a mid-rise and knows how to make the alteration.


    Eleanore Pull-On Jeans Side View Eleanore Pull-On Jeans Side View

    Eleanore Pull-On Jeans Back View Eleanore Pull-On Jeans Back View

    Eleanore pull-on jeans back pocket detail Eleanore Pull-On Jeans Back Pocket Detail

    Detail of the faux front pocket on the Eleanore Pull-On Jeans Eleanore pull-on jeans faux front pocket detail

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