We Have Discounted All Our Ponte Knits! Check them Out!

Why have we discounted all our ponte knits?

In order to be more competitive on the world wide web, we have discounted all our ponte knits – forever, not just today!

What the heck is ponte?

Ponte is a fancy word for good, old-fashioned double knit. We carefully select our pontes from a variety of sources to ensure they are beefy, soft, and don’t feel synthetic. Ponte is a great first-time-sewing-with-knits fabric because it stretches cross-wise, but not length-wise. Also, its edges don’t curl, and it doesn’t show bodily lumps and bumps.

We Have Discounted All Our Ponte Knits!
Donna of the blog “I won’t wear sludge brown” in a bright blue ponte dress

Ponte is great for pants, jackets, skirts and dresses. I recently ran across a blog post by a British blogger entitled, “Cancel Your Gym Membership This Christmas – I’ve Found the Miracle Dress.” Of course, the Miracle Dress is made of ponte! And, it “only” costs $125.00.

The Confident Stitch ponte knits now range from $9.00 to $15.00 per yard, so we’re talking bargain-city for a miracle dress. For instance, our Jalie Knit Dress uses 1.6 yards of fabric ($14.40 – $24.00), and our Colette Wren Dress uses 2.5 yards of fabric ($22.50 – $37.50).

We have ponte in warm, cool, quiet and loud colors. They are all on this page (along with other knits). Check them out and make yourself a “Miracle Dress!”

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