Colette Phoebe in Linen

I made a Colette Phoebe in Royal Vivaldi Linen last summer, and finally had Bess take pictures of me in it! As you can see, summer is long-gone in Montana!

What I Loved about the Colette Phoebe in linen:

When Colette Patterns published the Phoebe Pattern, I knew I had to have one. I love the waist seam and the slightly a-line skirt. I also love the princess seam plus a dart for sizes 18 and up. Some of us need both a princess seam and a dart!

Colette patterns seem to be drafted for my shape, so I made very few alterations to this pattern. I found it a full in the upper chest, but that was easily remedied by increasing the width of the seam allowances above the bust.

Figure-Flattery (or not)

Let’s talk a little about figure-flattery. Even though I know high necklines make my large bust look larger, I still made this dress. Just like the old days, when I bought ready-made clothes and I wanted things to look good on me because they looked good on the models in the catalogues, I had hopes that a well-fitted high-neck dress would look good on me. I don’t think it does. Jane and Bonnie say it looks good, but I feel self-conscious about my bust. I need a scoop or V-neckline to minimize my bust. Someday I will learn. Meanwhile, I will wear this dress from time to time because I love the color, and I love everything but the neckline.

Colette Phoebe in Linen
Kate pretending it’s not below 0 degrees Fahrenheit in her Colette Phoebe in Linen!

What about you?

Are you ever hopeful that a pattern will work for your shape, even though you know deep down it won’t?


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