Guest Blogger: Modern Quilter Jennifer Ball

Jennifer Ball, our new quilting blogger
Jennifer Ball

Hello, readers of the Confident Stitch blog!

My name is Jennifer Ball, and I’ll be a regular guest blogger for The Confident Stitch. I hope to inspire and to encourage you with quilting related posts, from topics ranging from patterns to fabrics to techniques. I’ll show you modern quilting trends and new tools as well as give tips to help you along the way.

I have a strong interest in modern traditional and contemporary art quilts and fabrics. My passion is foundation paper piecing, also known as FPP in quilting circles.

More about Modern Quilting

Modern traditional quilts are often quite familiar and comfortable to quilters. These quilts use traditional blocks or patterns, but update these styles through the use of bright, bold colors, more negative space, and less overall block repetition. Modern traditional quilts do not need to be stark or plain; rather, they give a fresh interpretation of the classics with a hint of the modern.

By contrast, modern quilts tend to be more abstract, asymmetric, and minimalist. These quilts may have bold lines, solid colors, and larger amounts of negative space to feature quilting.

Art quilts are smaller quilts, usually designed and created for the purpose of decoration rather than function. These quilts may feature landscapes, animals, people, or abstract designs and are often created without using a pattern. Art quilters use mixed media to create rich textures and to help convey emotion and sensory information.

Coming up…

In my next several posts, I’ll share a new mini quilt pattern from the modern traditional space. It features both traditional piecing and foundation paper piecing. I’ll talk about the fabrics selected by the shop to create the quilt so you can achieve the same look.

If you have suggestions for future quilt related blog posts, please share them in the comments!

Happy quilting,
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