Fierce Protean Mini Quilt: Part 2

Fierce Protean Mini Quilt: Part 2

I pieced together the “A” blocks for the Fierce Protean mini quilt this week. These blocks are traditionally pieced, and I found that I really had to pay attention to my 1/4-inch seam allowance.

Checking Seam Allowances

One quick way to check if your machine is stitching an accurate 1/4-inch seam allowance is to stitch together 2 small pieces of test fabric. Use an acrylic ruler and place the 1/4-inch mark along your stitching line. Is it accurate? If it is too wide or too narrow, you may need to adjust your needle position.

Checking for a perfect quarter-inch seam.
Checking for a perfect quarter-inch seam.

Staying Organized!

This pattern has many triangle shapes that are very similar in size. To help keep them separated, you can label them or line them up next to your work area. Most importantly, you do not want to mix up your 1/2 square triangles with your 1/4 square triangles!

Here’s an example of how I lined up my pieces by size:

Arranging the quilt pieces by size.
Arranging the quilt pieces by size.

Bring it all Together

I suggest stitching a single “A” block together before chain piecing. In this pattern, you have to take special care to keep the triangles facing in the correct direction or you will lose the beautiful wave effect in the final quilt. My test block is not perfect, but I’m happy with it. Remember, there are no quilt police!

A finished block!
A finished “A” block!

The mini quilt needs 13 “A” blocks and 12 “B” blocks. I found that the “A” blocks take longer to piece than the “B” blocks due to having more pieces per block and really focusing on triangle orientation.

In Part 3, I’ll talk about the “B” blocks in more detail plus a nifty technique to help you lay out your blocks.

Happy Quilting!


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