Fierce Protean Mini Quilt: Part 4

Finishing Your Fierce Protean Mini Quilt

The Quilt Sandwich

In this last post on the Fierce Protean mini quilt, I’ll show you how I selected the binding fabric and how I decided to quilt the mini. (If you missed it, check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of this series!)

Once all the blocks are sewn together, remember to remove any paper left over from the B block foundations. I like to take the quilt top (or quilt flimsy) and give it a good press before measuring for my backing and batting.

Once you have backing and batting cut to the right size, layer it with the flimsy to make a quilt sandwich. Since this mini quilt is small, you can easily quilt it on a domestic sewing machine. Either pin baste it or spray baste it before quilting.

Quilting the Mini Quilt

I decided to quilt an off-center circle pattern on my mini. The circular shapes add to the wave effect and provide a nice contrast to all the triangle shapes. Start with a small circle and then use the edge of your foot to go around the circle continuously until the entire mini is quilted.

Once quilting is completed, I like to lay the quilt on a flat surface to audition binding fabric choices. Next, I take pictures of each choice so I can compare and decide which fabric I like best.

Selecting a Binding

For this quilt, I pulled out one of the darker blue fabrics and the yellow fabric as binding choices:

Fierce Protean Mini Quilt with Yellow Binding
Auditioning the yellow fabric as a binding
Fierce Protean Mini Quilt with Blue Binding
Trying one of the darker blue fabrics as a binding.

I thought the yellow binding overwhelmed the blues in the quilt and disrupted the wave effect. The dark blue binding framed the quilt better so I selected that fabric as my binding.

However, I did have the yellow color pops sprinkled throughout the mini quilt like sunshine sparkling on the water. I decided to add a small piece of yellow fabric to the binding to represent the sun on the ocean’s horizon.

Congratulations, You’re Done!

This is a fun, modern traditional quilt to make either as a little wall quilt or you could turn it into a pillow.

Here’s a look at the completed Fierce Protean mini quilt.  You can see it in person at The Confident Stitch and purchase the pattern and fabrics at the shop or online! See the first installment of this series for fabric info.

Ta-da! The finished Fierce Protean Mini Quilt!

Enjoy and happy quilting!


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