Adventures with Flat-Bottom Flo Part 1

Style Arc Flat-Bottom Flo Pant Cover Art
Style Arc Flat-Bottom Flo Pant Cover Art
Flat-Bottom Flo Crotch Alterations
A photo of my baggy crotch (you’re welcome!)

Did you know Style Arc has a pant called, Flat-Bottom Flo? You can buy it from Amazon, or from Style Arc in Australia as a printed pattern or a PDF pattern. I can’t remember where I read about Flo, but non-flat-bottom Style Arc pants fit me well, so I was excited to try Flo on my flat bottom. I ordered the pattern from Amazon in sizes 18 to 30. While I’d rather order directly from Style Arc, the shipping costs from Australia are high!

Fitting the Front of Flat-Bottom Flo

Because size 18 is bigger than my measurements (I always size up in pants), I sewed my first pair with 5/8” seam allowances, instead of Style Arc’s 3/8”. The butt looked okay right out of the package, although there was some bagginess on the back legs. The front, however, was downright wrinkly. I tried to get rid of the wrinkles myself, but pants are HARD, and I couldn’t figure it out. Bonnie, our shop seamstress, came to my rescue and pinched out the excess, which you can see marked in the photo.

I tried to make Bonnie’s changes at home, but, I over-thought everything, and the front didn’t look any better after I finished. Luckily, Bonnie was back in the shop a few days later, and she calmly pinned everything again and made the final changes. Bonnie owned a tailoring shop in the past. She is great at figuring out the changes necessary in fabric.  I feel so fortunate to have her help!

Up Next: How to Alter the Pattern Pieces

In Adventures with Flo Part II, I’ll compare Flo’s back crotch-curve to a regular back crotch-curve, and show you the changes I made to the pattern pieces for my next pair!

2 thoughts on “Adventures with Flat-Bottom Flo Part 1

  1. jill collins says:

    I purchased this pattern a few months ago. I have been scared to try it, since nothing has been fitting too well lately. I will be interested to see how these turn out.

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