Mini Pumpkins Quilt: Part 2

Are you ready to make some pumpkins? Let’s get sewing! 

I like to cut just enough pieces to make a sample block first, especially since this pattern uses a curved seam. The QCR Mini Ruler really makes the curves go together pretty easily, but it helps to visualize how the block comes together before chain piecing.

Lay out your pumpkins

Lay out the A and B pieces for a white pumpkin:

Follow the pattern instructions and carefully sew the A pieces to B pieces. I like to keep the B piece flat against my sewing surface, and grasp piece A with my hand and gently lift it upwards. Feed it into the machine slowly to avoid puckers. I don’t pin these blocks, but I do keep the needle in the down position in case I need to make small adjustments.

You’ll have two pumpkin halves for this practice block. Press seams towards A:

Sew on your background C piece to each pumpkin half and press seams. Notice how the block looks uneven before you trim:

The pattern allows a little wiggle room for curved piecing, thankfully! Each pumpkin half is slightly bigger than what you need, so the pattern shows you how to trim each section down to make a perfectly sized ABC block.

Add middle strip and stem

Once your ABC block is trimmed, you’ll piece it together with a middle strip and the stem set:

Give your test block a good press. Continue chain piecing your pumpkins to make enough for the quilt top. The pattern calls for 16 white pumpkins and 3 orange pumpkins, but you can mix it up and make any number that you want. You could reverse the white to orange ratio or change the total amount of pumpkins.

Admire your pumpkins!

Here is my bushel of pieced and pressed white pumpkins. They look spooktacular!

In my next post, I’ll reveal the final quilt and talk about my quilting and binding choices.

Happy pumpkin making!


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