Mini Pumpkins Quilt: Part 3

Hi everyone!

Today, I’ll show you how I decided to finish my Mini Pumpkins quilt, including quilting, labeling, and binding choices. {If you haven’t read the rest of the series, you can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here!}

Quilt Assembly

After you’ve pieced together all your white and orange pumpkins, cut out your spacing blocks from the background fabric. Lay out all the pieces and decide the final piecing order. Piece the quilt front together.

The layout of each quilt block for your mini pumpkin quilt.
Lay out all your pumpkin blocks before assembling.

Quilt Label and Backing

I decided to make a white pumpkin to use as a label on my quilt back. I used plain white fabric with the same green stem as the other pumpkins. Using a Pigma archival ink pen in black, I wrote my name, date, and Instagram handle on the label.

Next, I pieced the label into the backing. You can applique the label on the back after quilting, but I like to piece it whenever possible.

Labeling your mini pumpkin quilt.
Labeling your mini pumpkins quilt.

Quilting and Binding

I wanted to keep the quilting simple on this quilt to keep the focus on the pumpkins. I did basic straight-line quilting across the quilt in 1-inch increments. On a domestic machine, you can use the edge of your foot as a guide or apply Washi tape as a guideline for your foot. The Washi tape peels right off and you can re-position it for the next line of stitching.

Audition your fabrics for the binding. I decided on orange binding, partly because the orange fabric that I selected has a beautiful gold thread accent that looks really pretty and partly to highlight the orange pumpkins!

Add your're almost done!
Add your binding…you’re almost done!

Admire Your Quilt!

I hope you had fun following with me on the blog as I made this cute pumpkins quilt. You can see it on display at The Confident Stitch. This quilt goes together very quickly, and it is a cute accent quilt for the whole season.

Your finished Mini Pumpkin quilt! Aren't you proud?
Your finished Mini Pumpkin quilt! Aren’t you proud?
Even the back of this quilt is cute!
Even the back of this quilt is cute!

Happy Quilting!


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