Thread Theory Comox Trunks in Art Gallery Knit

We are so excited to have a new guest blogger! Jessica Yen is a friend of a friend of Kate’s. She loves to sew and write about sewing, and after visiting the shop a few weeks ago, she agreed to collaborate. Jessica started sewing clothing about a decade ago, and is a self-described intermediate sewist with an occasional penchant for off-roading. She formerly wrote the Slow Sewing column for Seamwork Magazine, and is intent on taking a thoughtful approach to adding to her hand wardrobe.

The Comox Trunks, lookin' good from all angles!
The Comox Trunks, lookin’ good from all angles!

Jessica’s First Confident Stitch Blog Post:

Has anyone else been on an underwear sewing kick? No, just me? To me, underwear sewing is the best of all worlds. Each pair comes together in a couple hours, they’re excellent showcases for fun fabrics, and they’re the type of make that gets worn over and over by necessity—a fun and functional palette cleanser, what more could one ask for?

Discovering Thread Theory Comox Trunks

Well, recently I’ve discovered men’s underwear sewing, and it takes everything I listed and kicks it up a notch. After all, you get to see a loved one sport the clothing you’ve made them, and it only takes a couple hours of your time. Un-selfish sewing, but in a high-impact, self-contained kind of way. *wink wink.*

This is the Thread Theory Comox Trunks Pattern, sewn up in a fun Art Gallery Fabrics knit. Based on my recipient’s hip measurements, I used a size 34. Because I’ve made this pattern for him before, I knew to add an inch to the leg length (don’t forget to add an inch on each side of the gusset!). Just personal preference, he likes his trunks to come a little lower in the leg.

Notes on the Fit of Comox Trunks

    1. Men’s underwear typically has an, um, “access” hole in the front. My recipient never uses this, so I omitted those pattern pieces, cut 4 front gusset panels instead of 2, and sewed the front shut. However, I have made this pattern with access hole and all, and that pair turned out really nicely.
    2. Art Gallery knits have a good amount of stretch, are super soft to the touch, and great recovery, making them perfect for this pattern or any underwear, really.
    3. Apparently, one of the annoyances of RTW men’s underwear is that they tend to ride up in the leg, which I’m told is uncomfortable. Despite bicycling in these, walking around for extended periods, and other such activities, my recipient has yet to have any of his Comox Trunks ride up his thighs. He says this is a GIANT bonus.
    4. If your recipient isn’t into bright fabrics and big prints, this pattern also looks great in solids, neutrals, or understated prints. Or a plain main fabric and wild butt panel! Party in the back, yeah?

Jessica’s Comox Trunks Conclusions

So there you have it! A fast, easy, fun project for the men in your life. The pattern includes both boys’ and mens’ sizing, so you could whip up some matching sets if you like. Or his-and-hers, if that’s your jam. Or underwear for the whole family! These come together so well, I’m tempted to make my brother and his partner a matching pair—the most awkward part of this endeavor will be getting their hip measurements … #sewingproblems …

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