Scandinavian Tomte Quilt: Part 2

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Today, we’re going to make the tree blocks for the Scandinavian Tomte quilt. {If you missed Part I of this tutorial, you can find it here.) The quilt uses 3 large tree blocks that you can sew together very quickly. 

There are 4 red tree triangle shapes in each tree block. The bottom 3 segments are all the same size and the top triangle segment is slightly smaller. Before cutting, decide which red fabric that you want for the top of your tree. The other tree segments can be swapped around before sewing all the pieces together.

The tree block uses the stitch-and-flip method to form the triangle shapes. The traditional method is to draw a line on the wrong side of your fabric, sew, then trim. How many times have you had your fabric slide during this method and your resulting triangle shape appears a bit wonky?

Using the Simple Folded Corners Ruler

Problem solved! I used a new ruler called Simple Folded Corners Ruler by Doug Leko to help make this process quicker and more accurate. Use the ruler to trim first and then sew. When you press your seam, you’ll have a perfect shape. The following 3 pictures illustrate the basic process:

1. Line the ruler to the fabric according to the directions.

The Folded Corners Ruler simplifies the cutting process.
Step 1

2. Stitch using 1/4-inch seam and trim.

Step 2
Step 2

3. Flip and press.

Step 3
Step 3

Continue using the ruler to make all of your tree blocks. You’ll need a total of 12 pieces for all 3 trees. Follow the pattern directions to make the tree trunks.

Align Your Tree Blocks

Once all your tree segments are completed, place them on a design wall to figure out where you want each segment. You can make each tree different or the same. I opted to make each tree the same for consistency and simplicity. 

Jen chose to make all her trees the same, but you can arrange them however you like!
Jen chose to make all her trees the same, but you can arrange them however you like!

Sew the segments together and make 3 tree blocks.

A finished tree block.
A finished tree block.

You now have 3/4 of the quilt blocks completed! In next week’s blog post, we’ll work on the Tomte block. Even though the pieces are smaller, the block still uses the stitch-and-flip method, but you can use the Simple Folded Corners Ruler instead. 

Happy quilting!


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