Lisa the Unicorn Pillow

Hi everyone,

Our latest modern quilt project is Lisa the Unicorn, a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. This versatile pattern gives you several options including a pillow cover, a small quilt, and a large quilt. You could also turn the pillow cover into a mini quilt instead.

Let’s get started!

Elizabeth Hartman's most recent pattern, Lisa the Unicorn.
Elizabeth Hartman’s most recent pattern, Lisa the Unicorn.

I love this unicorn because you can customize the mane in whatever colors you want. For my example, I selected sea glass colors to remind me of a tropical beach! I kept the unicorn body white with a darker contrasting background fabric so the unicorn really stands out. If you decide to use different body and background colors, be sure to keep fabric values in mind so that your unicorn has enough contrast. Similarly, if you choose printed fabrics over solid fabrics, you want to look for fabrics that work well together so the unicorn is distinctive and doesn’t get lost in the fabric choices.

You can use a rainbow of solids or mix it up with some patterns for your unicorn mane.
You can use a rainbow of solids or mix it up with some patterns for your unicorn mane.

I cut all my fabric pieces according to the pattern and labeled them using Washi tape. This method will help to keep you organized and will make strip piecing easier if you are making more than one unicorn.

Labeling each piece helps you keep organized.
Labeling each piece helps you keep organized.

This pattern uses the stitch-and-flip technique but you can also use the Simple Folded Corners Ruler that we used in the Scandinavian Tomte quilt. I found that a scant 1/4-inch seam allowance worked best on this pattern since it is easy for the block to shift towards a too-small size while sewing.

Tip: For the mane units, you could cut the colorful strip pieces a little longer by 1/2-inch to allow for trimming to the correct size once the unicorn body pieces are added.

Once you piece each section, give it a good press and set aside or place on a design board.

Pieced Lisa the Unicorn

I decided to make the pillow cover so I only need to make 1 of each unit. The pattern comes together fairly quickly once you get in the groove!

Next week, I’ll show you some tips on finishing the blocks, particularly the horn unit.

Happy quilting!

2 thoughts on “Lisa the Unicorn Pillow

  1. Tracy jerrett says:

    Hi Jennifer

    I do not understand how to place the square on the mane unit to see diagonally. I played next to seam of last strip but it shaves off the point of the next strip. Also any tips on sewing the strips, mine are bowing. Have tried directional sewing and starch but still bending 😟 any help greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks. Tracy

    • kate says:

      Hello Tracy!
      This is Maisie. I got in touch with Jennifer and she said she’ll take a look at the pattern to refresh her memory, and will have an answer for you by next week! Thanks for asking & thanks for reading!

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