The Chic Country Quilt Tutorial: Part I

New Year, New Project!

Let’s start 2018 with a new quilt project!  Our first project of the year is the Chic Country Quilt, which uses the Quick Curve Ruler (QCR) by Sew Kind of Wonderful to bring a fresh, modern look to a traditional quilt.

You may remember that we used the QCR Mini Ruler to make the Mini Pumpkins quilt last year. This project uses the original version of that ruler for larger blocks.

For fabric selections, I decided to stay fairly consistent with the pattern and selected a nice range of greys for dark neutrals and whites/creams for light neutrals. The only change I made is to the color pop, where I substituted a vibrant magenta in place of the orange. (For more inspiration, check out this blog post from Sew Kind of Wonderful. The options are endless!)

Choose a rich, saturated color for a bold look or a light, pastel color for a more subtle look. Any accent color will work great against a neutral background palette so pick your favorite!

Jen chose neutral fabrics with a pop of magenta.
Jen chose neutral fabrics with a pop of magenta.

Fabric Cutting

This pattern uses a two-step cutting process. I highly recommend that you read through the pattern several times before beginning your cutting.

I first pressed, lightly starched, and trimmed the selvages off my fat quarters.

The general cutting took me about 2.5 hours. In this step, you are cutting the fat quarters into squares and rectangles in preparation for the QCR. I didn’t encounter any unusual cutting directions in this step, but it did take a long time. A fresh rotary cutter blade really helps!

Cutting prep before using the Quick Curve Ruler.
Cutting prep before using the Quick Curve Ruler.

The second cutting step involves using the QCR in very specific placements. This step took me about two hours. I used a pencil to lightly add tick marks, according to the directions for each shape.

I recommend cutting out one of each shape to verify that you have the ruler and markings set up correctly before cutting out all your fabric. Verify that your practice cut shapes match the ones in the pattern. Save these practice shapes to sew a practice block later.

Most often, you are cutting the fabric with the right sides facing up. However, pay close attention when cutting out the Stack 2 Dark pieces and the Stack 2 Light pieces because the fabric needs to be right sides DOWN in order to get the correct cuts.

Another tricky spot for me happened while cutting out the D and H pieces. Be sure that you are cutting from a mark on the fabric through to the opposite corner, and do not cut from mark to mark!

All the curved pieces!
All the curved pieces!

In next week’s post, we’ll begin to piece the Chic Country blocks together.

Happy quilting!

2 thoughts on “The Chic Country Quilt Tutorial: Part I

    • kate says:

      The finished quilt is 57″ x 57″, and the blocks are each 11″ square. If you want to make a twin bed size quilt, the width should be fine, you’ll just need to add 3 or 4 more rows of blocks.

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