StyleArc Flat-Bottom Flo Pants, Take IV

StyleArc Flat-Bottom Flo Pants: Starting Over

Because fitting pants is complex, I started over with my StyleArc Flat-Bottom Flo Pants. I bought a new paper pattern from StyleArc, and I sewed a new muslin. Then I raised the waistband one inch (for muffin-top coverage) and sewed another muslin. Based on the second new muslin, I made changes to the paper pattern. Pants fitting is not intuitive for me, so I had to be crazy-methodical, which is not my nature!

The Magic of Changing the Crotch Curve

Today, I’m just going to talk about lowering the back crotch-curve. I’m 53-years-old, and despite always exercising, my butt has migrated south. And, I’m not alone. In her Palmer/Pletsch pants-fitting class, Pati Palmer has everyone “scoop out” the crotch curve in the back before the first tissue fitting.

The first photo below shows what “scooping out,” or “lowering” the back-crotch curve looks like on the pattern piece (I’ll talk about the other alterations on the piece next time). The next two photos show what a huge difference a little scooping makes. Looking at the first photo of my butt, my instinct would be to take in the legs at the sides. However, the second photo shows that by merely scooping out the back crotch, the extra fabric seems to disappear. Magic!

What pants alterations do you always make? What have been your pants-making aha-moments?

Flat-Bottom Flo Back Crotch Curve
What Scooping Out the Crotch Curve Looks Like on a Pattern Piece
Flat-Bottom Flo Pants Back
Here is my butt before I scooped out the back crotch curve. So many back-leg wrinkles!


Flat-Bottom Flo Back 2
And, here is my butt after I scooped out the back crotch curve. Fewer wrinkles!

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