The Chic Country Quilt Tutorial: Part II

Hello everyone,

Let’s get sewing on our Chic Country quilt blocks! In my earlier post, I talked about fabric selection and cutting. Be sure to label your flower pieces and have them ready to sew.

Petal to the Metal!

In this quilt, we are making the same flower block over and over. We are just changing the color combinations so that we have dark flowers, light flowers, and color pop flowers.

I made one category of flower at a time, starting with the color pop flowers. I wanted to ensure that I had the color pops in the correct orientation before chain piecing my dark and light flowers.

The pattern directions are very good, but it is easy to miss steps. I recommend reading the instructions several times and pay close attention to where stitching lines begin. It is really important to press the blocks correctly to avoid bulk. I used a regular 1/4-inch foot on my sewing machine to piece these curved seams.

The flowers all follow the same basic procedure so once you make a test block and feel confident, you can chain piece the blocks. My example photos show a white flower petal. You need 4 petals total to make a flower block.

Lay out your pieces so you have 1 white A fabric with corresponding C, D, and B fabrics in different dark prints.

Making a white flower petal!

Follow the pattern directions to sew pieces A and B together. I used only one pin at the top to get things going. Then, I stitched slowly and used my hands to ease piece A into piece B to avoid puckers. See the Sample #11 illustration in the pattern.

Sample #11 : A to B

Stitch piece C to the AB unit. Be sure to have piece C extending past AB by 1-inch as shown in the pattern.

Sample #12 : C to AB unit

Stitch piece D to the ABC unit. Be sure to have piece ABC extend past D by 1/4-inch as shown in the pattern.

Sample #13 : D to ABC unit

Don’t worry if the block looks wonky! This is the stage where the magic of the Quick Curve Ruler happens. The ruler is designed to help you square up these blocks. I used a purple Sharpie to mark the dots on my ruler, according to the pattern instructions. These marks will wipe off later. Double-check your ruler alignment before cutting!

The magic of the Quick Curve Ruler!

When finished trimming, you should have 1/4 of a flower block or 1 petal.

Yay! One petal down!

Sew together 4 petals to make a complete flower block. Chain piece like crazy to sew all your petal blocks, trim them, and sew them together to make flower blocks. If you are using a color pop, pay close attention to the placement of the units.

In my next post, I’ll talk about assembling the quilt top and ideas for quilting.

Happy quilting!


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