The Chic Country Quilt Tutorial: Piecing Placement

Hi quilters!

In my earlier post, I talked about making the petal blocks for the Chic Country quilt. We had a reader ask a great question about how to measure the distances when stitching the pieces together to ensure that the block is big enough for the final trim.

Let’s take a closer look…

Once you have stitched piece A to piece B, you need to place the finished AB unit onto C. Make sure to place AB so that the C piece extends approximately 1-inch beyond as shown in the photo below.


Next, you place the ABC unit onto D. In this step, you want to make sure to place D so that the ABC piece extends approximately 1/4-inch beyond as shown in the photo below.

Chic Country_Detail_ABC_to_D

Even though your stitched block looks wonky during assembly, it will square up to 5-inches by 5-inches using the Quick Curve Ruler if you follow these placement directions. These steps are called Sample #12 and Sample #13 in the pattern.

Make a test petal to ensure that you have everything lined up correctly and your block measures 5 x 5. Then, you can chain piece and “eyeball” the placement measurement for the subsequent petal blocks.

I hope these extra detail photos are helpful!

Happy piecing,

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