Chic Country Quilt: Part III

Hello quilters!

Today, I’m going to show you how I assembled my Chic Country petal blocks into a finished quilt top. I had planned to quilt it for this post, but I’m expecting a new longarm machine and I want to free-motion quilt it using that machine. I hope to have it in the next week!

Take a Step Back

For assembly, I first placed my color pop blocks onto a design wall. This is a crucial step to ensure that all your color pops are facing the correct direction. I like to take a step back from the design wall and take a picture. You can then look at the picture and compare it to the pattern to ensure proper orientation of each petal block.

Taking a photo of your assembled block allows your eye to see the whole pattern or design.

Balancing Light and Dark

This quilt is particularly tricky when it comes to block placement because it is very easy to mix up the light petal blocks with the dark petal blocks. Place all your blocks onto a design wall or the floor. Be sure to consult the pattern frequently. Again, I took a few steps back from my design wall to examine my block placements and take a picture. I moved a few blocks around to achieve a pleasing balance.

Lay out the blocks using a design wall or the floor

And on to Piecing!

Start piecing your blocks together. I pieced them a row at a time to ensure that I didn’t mix up light and dark petal blocks.

Once all your blocks are pieced, start stitching the rows together. I like to use Clover Wonder Clips to keep my rows together rather than pins. This saves my little fingers from bleeding as I sew!

The wonders of Wonder Clips!

Press all your seams open to keep the quilt top as flat as possible. I use a dry iron and a spray starch to really get those seams flat.

The finished Chic Country Quilt top!

I love the motion in this quilt! The color pop really adds a focus element and a modern touch to the pattern.

Happy quilting!

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