Chic Country Quilt: Finishing!

Hello quilters!

In my previous post, I showed you how I assembled all the blocks to form the quilt flimsy of the Chic Country Quilt. A quilt flimsy is another term for quilt top, and you may notice quilters using the terms interchangeably.

Quilting the Top

Once the top is pressed and free from extra threads, it is time for quilting. This quilt has a great deal of movement due to the curved blocks so I decided to keep my quilting simple. I didn’t want the quilting to compete or clash with the beautiful circles in the quilt.

I used a light gray thread and quilted about 1/4-inch away from the curved pieces. The overall effect is subtle and the quilting slightly echoes the quilt blocks.


The finished quilt top.
The finished quilt top.

On the back, I used a solid piece of magenta fabric. The quilting really shows up beautifully on this color, and I really love the swirl effect.


For the binding fabric, I used one of the light gray fabrics from the quilt top with a small pop of magenta on a side near the bottom. Modern quilters often mix up the binding by adding single or multiple color pops. This technique really can add interest and playfulness to your quilts so experiment with it!

Always Label!

Remember to add a quilt label to the back. Quilt labels are an important part of the process and identify you as a quilt maker to future generations. I like to include my name, date, pattern, and location using a fabric pen.


A bright magenta solid completed the back.
A bright magenta solid completed the back.

I hope you enjoyed following along while I made this Chic Country quilt. In my next post, I’ll start a new modern quilt project!

Happy quilting,

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