The Zoomer Quilt in Modern Solids: Part 1

The Zoomer Quilt out in the spring wildflowers!

Hello quilters!

In the next few posts, I’m going to talk about how I created the Zoomer quilt designed by Elizabeth Dackson from the book Rock Solid: 13 Stunning Quilts Made with Kona Cottons.

This is a modern quilt inspired by a classic block. Why is it modern? It is modern because the classic block, a star, is oversized, cut in half, pieced into the bottom corner rather than the center, and then placed in a setting with tons of negative space. The half star, with its borders, appears to be exploding out from the bottom of the quilt.

Choosing Your Palette and Scale

This is such a fun quilt to make because you can be really creative with your color palette. You can use fiery sunset colors or rainbow colors or soft, graduating hues in your favorite color.

You can also mix up your quilt by incorporating subtle prints instead of using all solid fabrics. In my quilt, I swapped out one solid and replaced it with a Cotton + Steel Add It Up in Mint print. From a distance, the fabric still reads as solid, but a closer look reveals the delicate print. Be careful to avoid wild or large-scale prints because the eye will focus on the print and detract from the quilt design.

Here are my fabric selections:

Fabric selection for the Zoomer Quilt.
Fabric selection for the Zoomer Quilt.

From left to right:

Color Values

When selecting your fabrics, be sure to keep value in mind. If you pick fabrics too close in value, then you will lose the effect of the half star block exploding out from the bottom. Look for fabrics with a contrast in value, meaning some are lighter and some are darker. Pay attention to where each fabric is placed in the quilt.

I originally had a deep emerald green solid picked out for the third border from the half star. However, the emerald green was too close in value to the dark blue, and I lost the impact of this modern design. I then switched out the emerald green with the Cotton + Steel Add it Up in Mint for greater contrast. The finished quilt is much more pleasing with the contrasting values.

In next week’s post, I’ll talk about making the half-square triangles. The pattern uses a very precise method of making half-square triangles, and I’ll show you some options to make it easier.

Happy quilting!
– Jen

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