We’re Back and Having a Sale!

Hi Everyone! Long time no see, here on le blog! We have been busy in the background, though.

New Website Platform and Point of Sale System

We have a new website and a sale!


For the past couple of years, we have been silently struggling to sync our website inventory system with the in-store inventory system. We finally gave up and migrated to a new web platform (WooCommerce), and a new POS system (NCR Counterpoint).

In the long run, all the inventory syncing will happen {almost} automatically, but the past few months were a marathon of learning new systems and making sure everything was working. We aren’t completely done crossing all the t’s and dotting all the i’s, but we’re close. To celebrate, we’re having a week-long online sale! Use Coupon Code NEWSITE to get 20% off everything in the store (excluding classes) September 17 through September 23. Now is the time to stock up on holiday necessities! Please let us know what you like about the new website, and opportunities you see for improvement: [email protected]

New Staff Members

We have also hired two new part-time staff members. Jen Grady, our new sales associate, grew up in Southern California making up her own sewing patterns and hand stitching them out of repurposed sheets. Eventually her interest in sewing evolved into a desire to create clothing options for body types not typically catered to in ready-to-wear garments.

Jen Grady, our new Sales Associate
Jen Grady, our new Sales Associate

Meredith Baird, our new social-media coordinator, moved out west in 2011 to follow her dream of living in the mountains, and never looked back. Here at The Confident Stitch, she is combines her love of photography and creativity with her interest in marketing and working with local businesses!


Meredith Baird, our new Social Media Coordinator
Meredith Baird, our new Social Media Coordinator



2 thoughts on “We’re Back and Having a Sale!

  1. Barb Kennedy says:

    Kate, you’ve done such a beautiful job of meeting so many needs with Confident Stitch. With all you have to offer I’m even wading back into garment making. Thanks for all you do and all you offer to the Missoula community. See you soon 😉

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