Battle of the Button-Ups: Jalie Rose vs. Grainline Alder


When Jalie introduced the “Rose” sleeveless button-up shirt, we wondered how it compared to Grainline’s Alder shirt-dress (made shirt-length). Our seamstress, Bonnie, sewed them both in size 12 so we could compare.

Jalie describes the Rose as, a sleeveless button-up shirt with a collar. It has a relaxed fit throughout the hips, bust darts, two breast pockets, a back yoke, curved hem, forward shoulder seam, and a box pleat in the back. Bonnie made the Rose in our Organic Shot-Cotton Voile in Grape.

Grainline describes the Alder as a loosely fitted sleeveless button-up dress (shirt, in this case), with bust darts, and two breast pockets. Bonnie made the Alder in our Organic Mini-Stripe Voile in Poppy Red.

Which Button-Up Won the Skirmishes?

Button Placket: The Jalie Rose includes the placket in the front piece, which makes it easier than the Alder’s separate placket. The Alder has buttonhole marks on the placket piece, however, and the Rose does not.  Winner: TIE

Yoke: Both patterns have an enclosed yoke, and Bonnie finds the instructions for both easy to follow. Winner: TIE

Collar: Bonnie prefers the Jalie Rose collar. She finds the Alder collar opening too large. Winner: ROSE

Pocket Placement: Bonnie thinks the Rose pockets are too high, and prefers the Alder’s pocket placement. Winner: ALDER

Instructions: Bonnie prefers the pictures and instructions for the Alder. Winner: ALDER

Overall Fit: Bonnie prefers the slimmer cut of the Alder. Winner: ALDER

Battle of the Button-Ups Winner

Surprise! Bonnie picks the Jalie Rose! The strange fit of the Alder collar makes it difficult to alter, whereas Bonnie will just take in the side seams of the next Jalie Rose she makes so that it’s more fitted.

Thanks for reading The Battle of the Button-Ups! Obviously, the two patterns are very similar, and choosing a favorite is difficult!


4 thoughts on “Battle of the Button-Ups: Jalie Rose vs. Grainline Alder

  1. Heidi Zielinski says:

    I love the drape of the Jalie Rose version, particularly if you want to wear it out as in your photos. Trimmer fit would be easier to tuck in, but I prefer not tucked for myself. Of course that rich purple fabric sells it too!

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