The “In Confidence” Table Runner: Part 2

Hello! I’m baaaack! It’s Brooke, and I’ve returned to help you complete your table runner.

It’s time to grab all of the 3.5″x6.5″ Rectangles and the background squares you cut from our first post, because we are making flying geese. Make sure you have a pencil, too!

In Confidence Table Runner Flying Geese Assembly

1.    Take fifty-two (52) 3.5″ square Background units and draw a diagonal line from corner to corner as shown in photo and illustration. Tip: Use a pencil or water-soluble pen!





2.    Pair one square from Step 1 to a 3.5″ x 6.5″ Rectangle. See photo and illustration for alignment.


3.    Sew along drawn line.


4.    Trim 1/4″ away from stitched line. Tip: Pay attention here so you do not cut the unit, but the seam allowance! Press seam.


5.    Pair another square from Step 1 to unit from Step 5. See photo and illustration for alignment.


6.    Sew along drawn line.


7.    Trim 1/4″ away from stitched line. Be careful to trim on the correct side of the seam! Press seam.


8.    One Flying Geese unit is complete! Repeat for remaining units.


9.    Sew all flying geese together as shown. The points should center each other in the center of the Runner.

In Confidence Table Runner Final Assembly

1.    Sew Borders to Flying Geese unit. Pay attention that Row C is sewn to the flying geese and not Row A (unless you prefer the look of Row A next to the flying geese – there is no wrong way to make this Runner!). Tip: Press horizontal centers of the border and the flying geese for easy alignment. Then, pin from the center to the edges.


2.    Press all seams.

3.    Lay Backing, face down, on basting surface.

4.    Smooth batting over the backing.

5.    Place the Runner on top of the batting. Baste as desired.

6.    Quilt as desired. Have fun!

7.    Trim and square corners.

8.    Bind as desired.

9.    Take gorgeous photos! Tag @theconfidentstitch and @ohsewbrooke, and use the hashtags #inconfidencetablerunner and #confidentmaker!

10.   Invite all of your friends for dinner!


Bonus! Click here for the PDF version of the pattern, plus a coloring page to help you pick your fabrics!: In Confidence Table Runner PDF

Happy Quilting,


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