The Cadence Court Quilt, Part 3

Assembling the Cadence Court Quilt Top

Hello quilters! In this post, we are continuing to assemble the foundation paper pieced Cadence Court quilt top. In the last post, I showed you some tips for stitching the wedge pieces together. Today, I’ll show you some tips for the remaining pieces!

Wedge Placement

I like to lay out all the wedges on a design wall or floor to make sure everything is in the right order. This is a good chance to re-arrange wedges or to even re-make a wedge if you don’t like how it looks with the other wedges.


Cut Your Background Pieces

I used freezer paper to make my background templates. With freezer paper, you can iron the template to the fabric and then cut it out. I find that the freezer paper templates do not slip unlike templates cut from cardstock or plastic. You can re-use them several times as well. Follow the directions in the pattern for the template layouts.


Once all your background pieces are cut out, place them on the design wall or floor next to the wedges.

Assemble the Sections

Follow the instructions in the pattern to assemble the wedges. You’ll sew 6 wedges together to make 1 quadrant. With each quadrant, make sure to take care to nest the seams of each wedge to make a less bulky quilt top. In the picture below, you can see the back of one of my sections. The seams are nested and tidy. I did press the wedge seams open.

Add the Center

Once I had 6 segments with their respective top background pieces all stitched together, I tackled the curved center template! This section is not foundation paper pieced so I approached it warily; however, the pattern is so well designed that my center fit perfectly. I used fine patchwork pins and pinned once at each end and once in the center. I then used more pins to ease in the remaining fabric.


Carefully and slowly, I stitched the center piece to my quadrant using white thread and a bamboo skewer to move the fabric gently under the presser foot.


Once finished, I checked for puckers. I did have a small pucker on 1 of my quadrants. I removed the stitches and sewed it again without puckers. Press the seam towards the center for a finished quadrant!


Now that the center seams are behind you, the remaining quilt construction is painless! At this point, I do remove all of the paper from a quadrant. It gets too heavy to sew two quadrants together otherwise.

Wow, we are almost finished! In my next post, I’ll show you how I quilted Cadence Court and help you finish yours!

Happy quilting,


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