The Cadence Court Quilt, Part 4

Finishing the Cadence Court Quilt

Hello quilters!

Are you excited?  I’m so happy to share with you my finished Cadence Court quilt. In my last post, I showed you some techniques that I used to assemble all the wedges and background pieces to form the quadrants.

In this post, I’ll show you how I decided to quilt it. You can apply these same quilt techniques on a domestic machine if you do not have a longarm machine. I used a combination of ruler work and free-motion quilting. I selected a light gray thread for all the quilting.

Quilting Motifs

I used a straight ruler to quilt straight echo lines inside the colorful diamonds and the gray diamonds throughout the quilt. In parts of the white background, I used the same straight ruler and a water soluble blue marking pen to quilt echo diamond shapes. I used the pen to make small dots to help me line up my ruler. These marks completely disappear with water.

In the large white background sections, I let myself quilt with abandon!! You might hear this technique referred to as free motion quilting or graffiti quilting. For me, I just let different quilting motifs flow, and I do not overthink it. This is a very forgiving and freeing quilting technique.


When I got to the center portion of the quilt, I debated what quilting motif to use: spiral, radiating star, sun, or random. I decided that I wanted the center quilting to give a sense of motion.  I used a 3-inch slice (half-circle) longarm ruler to create a swirl, moving it from each lower colorful diamond to the center and back again in a repeated pattern.


My total quilting time took about 7 hours over the course of a few evenings after work. Cadence Court has many quilting possibilities so go wild with your design!

Binding Choices

My Cadence Court quilt has a large amount of white, open space. I wanted my binding to contrast with all that background and frame the quilt. If I used a light binding, then my quilt would look more open and less defined. I selected the light gray solid that I used in the wedges for most of the binding. I added a color pop to one corner by using the dark purple wedge fabric. The effect is subtle, but it adds a little more interest to the finished quilt.

I hope that you enjoyed following along while I made Cadence Court “Sunset.”  If you make one, I’d love to see it. Share your quilt to Instagram and tag it with the hashtags #cadencecourt and #confidentmaker.

Happy quilting!


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