Sew Liberated Matcha Top in Verona Voile


We are always on the lookout for versatile, everyday garments that can become wardrobe staples. Classic but not boring, stylish but not trendy. The Sew Liberated Matcha Top is an easy-to-wear easy-to-sew piece that checks all those boxes. An inspirational journey through Instagram using the hashtag #matchatop helped us to decide which fabric to use, and we love the way this top turned out!



The Matcha Top is a flowy, casual top that can be made with or without sleeves. It features a mandarin collar, a v-neck that highlights your collar bone, and faux epaulets on the shoulders. It is loose enough to not require bust darts; the gathering around both the front and the back neckline to add more ease. The construction methods on this top are straightforward, and Bonnie declared the design easy enough for “confident beginners.” The most challenging part of this pattern is creating the gathers. It can be tricky to make sure they’re even on either side of the collar, plus the center back. It takes some trial and error to get it just right, and to match it up with the collar piece!


Detail of the v-neck and front center seam.

Sizing & Fabric Choice

When deciding which size to make, Bonnie recommends going by your shoulder measurements since this the only fitted part of the garment. She made her Matcha Top in a size 8, which fits her great; the rest of the top swings around her waist, just like it’s supposed to! The Verona voile, which is a cotton/rayon blend, is light and airy, with just a bit more drape than a 100% cotton, making it perfect for this pattern.

Why We Love It

The details of this top are what take it from plain to pretty. The faux epaulets on the shoulders are a great design feature, and are easy to add. Plus, Bonnie sewed the shoulder seams wrong sides together since the epaulet covers the seam allowance. Between that and the French seams on the rest of the garment, the inside is as polished and professional looking as the outside! The center front seam is also a nice detail, and makes construction of the open V much easier than having to do a placket.




5 thoughts on “Sew Liberated Matcha Top in Verona Voile

  1. C. Gronewold says:

    I love this top and am considering making one of my own, but am mystified by vague yardage requirements posted with the pattern. It says that 2.5 yards of fabric are needed, but makes no mention of fabric width or body sizes. I find it hard to believe that neither of those variable would affect total yardage. A size 18 in a 45″ width fabric would certainly be markedly different than a size 6 in a 60″ width.
    Please advise. I am reluctant to order the voile, at 58″ wide, without confirmation of specific yardage needs. Thanks so much for your help.

    • jane says:

      Hi Cathy,

      I agree, it’s really odd to just have one yardage listed for all sizes, all fabrics! Kate made a size 16 and used around 2 yards of 58″ fabric, and Bonnie made a size 8 and only used about a 1 1/2 yards of 58″ fabric. If you let us know what size you’re thinking about making, we can lay the pattern pieces out and give you a better estimate of yardage!

      Hope this helps,

  2. Sumiko Courtney says:

    This is genius: “Bonnie sewed the shoulder seams wrong sides together since the epaulet covers the seam allowance.” I just made the sleeveless matcha top sleeveless. I’m pleased with the top, but I’ll definitely try this tip next time so its just a bit more polished.

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