Cashmerette Montrose Top


All of our laces and silks are 15% off until Friday, March 1. To celebrate, our seamstress, Bonnie, made me a Cashmerette Montrose Top out of our Xanna Lace in Silver (to go with my hair!).

Montrose Sizing

The top is a size 14 GH, graded down to a size 12 in the hips. We also used the full-bicep sleeves. My arms are not that big, but I guess they’re big enough to count as full biceps. Watch out if you meet me in a dark alley!

We wanted to use the Xanna lace’s beautiful scalloped edge, so Bonnie checked and double checked the length I wanted before she cut out the fabric. I wanted the top to hit above my crotch, but below my tummy pooch, which meant Bonnie shortened it by two inches. She also carefully measured the sleeve length so she could use the scalloped edge for the sleeves as well.

It’s a Quick Project!

Even with French seams, Bonnie made this top in a couple of hours. The different cup sizes make fitting fast, and the instructions are impeccable. Now that I know I am a size 14 GH with a full-bicep sleeve, this will be my go-to pattern for woven tee-shirts!

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