About Maisie: More Hemming, Less Hawing


 I’ve always considered myself “crafty.” Innumerable paint stains and glue damage to my parents’ kitchen table is permanent proof of this notion. However, despite my expertise with custom-made magnets and birthday cards, there was always one crafting medium that felt beyond my scope of talent – sewing, and more specifically sewing with a machine.  My crafting had always stemmed from a place of slow meticulousness, and, as such, I found the flashing speed of a Singer’s needle to be daunting. I’d learned to hand-stitch well enough to hem the odd pair of pants, but, when bigger projects started presenting themselves, harsh reality reared its head. I realized that – sooner or later – I would need to hitch up my (store-bought) big girl panties and tame the temperamental sewing machine.

Moment of Truth

This inevitable moment presented itself to me a few weeks ago, and I am proud to say that, with a fair amount of seam-ripping and curse words, I successfully completed my first solo sewing project! It isn’t the most beautiful nor flawless thing ever made, but it is proof that I can do this. I can sew!

The truly amazing thing about this story, however, is not my newfound sewing obsession, but that a little risk-taking and some much-needed self confidence actually changed my life. My decision to embark on this sewing project prompted a trip to The one-and-only Confident Stitch. Kate and I got to talking, and ta-da! One interview, a few references, and two weeks later I am the newest addition to an absolutely amazing team. Although I have some seriously big shoes to fill, I am looking forward to all the challenges and joys this job is sure to bring!

Look out World!

So to everyone out there, whether you’re attempting your first ever sewing project or rolling up your sleeves to tackle the hundredth, let the words “I can!” lead the way. It could just change your life! As for me, now that I’ve managed to stake a claim in the boundless world of sewing, I can’t wait to explore it with you all, one stitch at a time!

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