Closet Core Pattern Expansion: Go Figure!

We have some exciting news for all you fabulous full-figured women out there! Closet Core Patterns (formerly Closet Case) is starting work on expanding their size range and would love for any and all women sizes 12 and up (hips bigger than 42″) to fill out a survey that will assist them in this endeavor. All you need is a tape measure, your perfect-self, and 20 minutes. The survey asks for a variety of body measurements in addition to some questions about sewing preferences and needs. Even more exciting, at the end of the survey they are also collecting (optional) email addresses for those interested in pattern testing when the time comes to start road-testing their block and patterns. Additionally, keep in mind that they are asking for all numbers in imperial form so if you’re used to metric numbers, you can do the conversion here.

The world is my runway

We over at The Confident Stitch are super excited about this undertaking because fashion is not, and should never be, limited to the young and thin. In fact, the wonderful and exciting thing about sewing is that, in making a personal garment, you forget to focus on the things you don’t love about yourself because you’re too busy MAKING MAGIC WITH YOUR OWN TWO HANDS! Of course, on occasion, you’ll finish a project and find that you don’t love how you look in it. However, in that case,  after you’ve poured your blood, sweat, and tears into meticulously following the pattern, you know, undoubtedly, that its not you, it’s the pattern! The Confident Stitch carries most of Closet Core’s existing patterns, and we, having tested many of them out, love the resulting garments.

Don't dream it, sew it!

Lucky for me (and I really do recognize my advantage in this regard), I fall into the regularly patterned size range with my hips sliding into home right at the 43″ mark. As such, I can generally find a pattern that works for my ‘pear-shaped’ bod. In fact, our amazing Bonnie has just finished making me a pair of Closet Case Ginger Jeans (stay tuned for the full post!) that are to die for, and I can honestly say that this curvy-girl is thrilled to have found a jeans pattern catered to her shape. What’s more, shouldn’t everybody get that “oh-my-gosh-this-pattern-is-absolutely-perfect-for-me’ moment? The assorted folks over at The Confident Stitch certainly think so! And, more importantly, Closet Core does too and is spearheading the effort to bring that elusive moment to everyone!

I don't do fashion, I am fashion. - Coco Chanel

The sewing community is an empowered one, which relies on stitchers, makers, movers and shakers building one another up, and expanding the traditional boundaries of garment making to include the modern woman. So, grab your tape measure, follow this link to fill out the Closet Core Pattern Expansion survey, and help pave the way for curvy sewers everywhere!



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