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Mother Knows Best

I think many of us posses very distinct memories of our mothers explaining to us, perhaps in a calm moment of teaching or in the wake of an egregious adolescent mistake, that, “These are my sewing scissors. Do not use them on anything but fabric!”

My first week at The Confident Stitch, the lovely Jane Mandala was explaining the importance of ‘fabric-only’ scissors to me. I laughed as a vision of my mother, saying these very words and about to tear her ha, flashed before my eyes. I assured Jane that, indeed, I did know this. It was a lesson I had learned the hard way, but, once learned, it had certainly stuck.

Moms Are Like Stitches, They Hold Everything Together

Mother’s Day holds a certain special place in the heart of the sewing community, because sewing knowledge is most often passed from mother to daughter. When we fussy-cut fabric, hem a skirt, or wind a bobbin, we imagine our mothers – or grandmothers – showing us how to do it for the first time.

My own memories of needle, thread, and sewing machine link me to mother and my childhood. She made me summertime play-clothes that I wore until I could no longer squeeze into them. I gazed at pictures of my parents on their wedding day, while Mom described the many frustrations, and joys, of making your own wedding dress. She comforted my hysterical 17-year-old self as she helped me to finish alterations on a prom dress I had waited until the last possible moment to address. And, of course, the day I decided I wanted to make a dress – a beautiful, very complicated, vintage patterned dress – she told me she would love help.

Zootown Cabaret
Me performing in The Dress in the local Zootown Cabaret at the Missoula Winery, Spring 2015 PC: GalileoLookedUp Art and Photography


In this dress, I feel beautiful and empowered. When I wear it, I never fail to receive compliments. When asked where I got it, I get to respond, “I made it with my mom.”

Happy Mother's Day

My Grandmother and Mother

My grandmother passed away this year at age 94. It will be the first Mother’s Day my mom is spending without hers. I am so lucky to have a mother who’s alive, who loves me, and is a part of my life. So thank you mom, and thank you to moms everywhere for all you do. We are more creative, versatile, and empowered beings because of your example. Happy Mother’s Day. We love you.





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