Closet Core Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress Pattern

Shea Donovan, our new Social Media Coordinator, in her Closet Core Kalle Shirt, View A

Certain articles of clothing are built for specific occasions. Some mysterious combination of tradition, expectation, and culture dictates which clothing is appropriate for a situation. Some subliminal instinct warns us to avoid wearing sweats to a job interview or a leather mini skirt to Sunday brunch with Grandma (at least, I really try to avoid this with my grandma). On the other hand, there are those rare garments that seem to fit every occasion. The fashion industry affectionately calls these garments ‘all-around’ or ‘transition’ pieces, and the Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress Pattern by Closet Core (formerly Closet Case) is the very definition.

I can see myself wearing it with a nice pair of trousers to visit Grandma, but I could also rock it with the leather mini skirt later that night. The casual high-low style and fun crop in the front creates a look that you’ll want to show off anywhere you go!

Krazy for Kalle

This pattern comes with three Views. We chose to make View A which includes: a cropped shirt with a band collar, a front placket which hides the buttons (with the exception of the top button), and an inverted pleat with a wide-faced hem. View B, inspired by a men’s style Oxford Shirt, is at tunic length, and View C is a cute shirt-dress with a high-low hem. Every View contains a curved yoke, kimono sleeves with arm cuffs, and a curved hem. Lucky for me, this pattern was true to my size in all aspects. Bonnie – after taking my measurements – was able to make the Size 4 with zero alterations, and don’t I look fabulous?

Fab Fabrics

Our Designer Rippled Voile in Black instantly caught my eye. I was looking for something simple and versatile, and the textured ripples in this fabric provided a subtle chicness that matched the pattern’s adaptability. What’s more, when piecing the pattern together, Bonnie had the brilliant idea to do something different with the yoke; something to make the shirt special and unique! Using some of the Colorado Polyester in Black leftover from Kate’s True Bias Shelby Dress Romper, (discussed in last week’s blog post), she cut a contrasting, outside yoke. This pop of color provided a touch of fun that the clean and professional Rippled Voile was missing on its own.

A Trick of the Light

One thing to note about this particular voile is that it has an element of sheer-ness when held to the light. As such, I had a few reservations, but I decided that I could always rock the finished Kalle with a cute cami underneath. To my surprise (and delight) however, I discovered that, once on my body, the fabric wasn’t sheer at all! To share a little secret, in the photos above I’m wearing a bright pink bra, and you’d never know! So, if you’re interested in purchasing the Rippled Voile, don’t let the slightly sheer element discourage you.

All in a Day's Work

The Kalle Shirt and Shirtdress Pattern is suitable for all levels and certainly for a variety of shapes and sizes! A quick and easy sew, this single garment will add so much to your wardrobe! Grandma would approve. 

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