Part 1: Posh Kitty Quilt

Jennifer Ball’s Posh Kitty Quilt – currently displayed at The Confident Stitch!

Hello from Oregon!

Our fabulous sample maker, Jennifer Ball, recently outdid herself with this adorable interpretation of Sew Kind of Wonderful’s Posh Kitty Quilt Pattern. This pattern requires the use of the Quick Curve Mini Ruler, and – while curves are always tricky to negotiate – Posh Kitty is a great first pattern to learn on because there are only a few curved blocks to make. In three blog installments, Jennifer will cover how to cut, sew, and assemble this curvy kitty!

Fabric Selection for Posh Kitty

You can mix and match fabric scraps to make the quilted cat body match the colors of your favorite living, meowing fur-baby. For my project, I decided to make an orange and white cat to celebrate my angel kitty, Tiger. Here is a look at my fabric selections:
Posh Kitty Fabrics
Beginning from top to bottom: Hoffman Solid QC in Jet Black, Art Gallery’s Texstil QC in Embers Glow. Hoffman Indah Solid QC in Terra Cotta, Art Gallery’s Tripixles District, Dear Stella Hearts QC in Ghost. and, underneath it all, Lucky Charms QC in Periwinkle.
When picking out your fabrics, I’d recommend choosing your kitty fabrics first. Then, pick out your background fabric so you have enough contrast to make the kitty really stand out.


The Sew Kind of Wonderful patterns can be difficult to follow, so I like to read the entire pattern first and then focus on each section. For example, the curve pieced section looks long with 18 steps, but they are grouped into logical working blocks such as cutting, piecing, and squaring up. If you have directional fabric that you want to stay directional in the finished quilt, take a look at the assembly diagram in the pattern and draw arrows with a pencil to mark the directions on the appropriate pieces.

Cutting Posh Kitty Curved Pieces

You will cut all the fabric for the curved pieces for the cat’s face, body, and tail before piecing them. Take your time and label the fabric pieces as you go.
Let’s take a look at how I used the ruler to cut out an A/B section.
Mini Quick Curve Ruler
Mini Quick Curve Ruler
  • Place the blue 5″ square on the cutting table with the right side up.
  • Turn the square so that it is diamond-shaped.
  • Place the ruler so that the marks (highlighted in red in the image) are aligned with the edges of the square.
  • Use a 45mm or larger rotary cutter to cut the square in two shapes, A and B.
Posh Kitty Background Fabric
Posh Kitty Background Fabric cut into curves
In this example, I labeled the background piece B and set it aside. The background piece A is not needed to make the kitty so I saved it to use in another project.
Follow the pattern instructions and cut out all of your curved pieces.
Posh Kitty Curves
All the Posh Kitty Curves!
In my next post, I’ll talk sewing the curved pieces together and creating the kitty face and body.
Happy quilting!
– Jennifer, @nwquiltedcat
P.S. If you’re interested in making this quilt, and LOVE Jennifer’s fabric choices as much as we do, then check out our Posh Kitty Kits. They’re utterly purrrfect!
You can find Part 2 of the Posh Kitty Quilt Series here, and Part 3 here.

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  1. AZ says:

    Hi, I love your fabric choices. I was wondering, however, if it is possible to purchase the kit with a different background fabric?

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