Posh Kitty Quilt, Part 3: Quilting and Binding

Hello everyone! Jennifer here with my final blog installment on Sew Kind of Wonderful’s Posh Kitty Quilt Pattern! So far we’ve covered choosing fabric, cutting & sewing curves, matching points and determining fabric placement. In this final post I’ll discuss an unexpected fabric re-evaluation, sashing, binding, and (at last) quilting!

Auditioning Fabrics

For the sashing in my Posh Kitty quilt, I had originally decided to use the same solid black fabric that I’d used in the tail and body of my kitty. However – though I had decided this early-on – when the time came to begin cutting something felt amiss. I really wanted the vertical and horizontal sashing to represent a tree trunk and branches in an abstract way, and the plain, stark, black was not doing the trick. So, I went back to the drawing board, or, rather, to the design board!
Posh Kitty Sashing Fabric Options
The original plain black fabric (Fabric 1) and two more dynamic choices!
I auditioned some black fabrics with subtle designs by pinning them – along with my kitty unit – to a design board. The first fabric (Fabric 2) certainly exuded an arborous overtone with its tree ring print, but, overall, I found it too distracting. Fabric 3 however, with it’s white wavy lines, was subtle without being stark, and it looked a bit like weathered tree bark. Winner, winner! This experience just goes to show that, when quilting, nothing is set in stone!  My advice is to take a step back and re-evaluate often. You just might save yourself from a long afternoon of seam-ripping.

Posh Kitty Quilting Ideas

From here, the quilt top comes together very quickly. The sashing, large background pieces, flying geese unit, and background sashing units are straight stitching with no curves required!
For the actual quilting, I chose to do free-motion quilting on the background with some swirls and stars. I think it enhances the Lucky Charms Quilting Cotton with its little shooting stars. On the kitty, I did some ruler work with different shapes in each of the blocks comprising the body and head.
And of course, what Posh Kitty quilt is complete without a thorough quilt inspection? Meow, he approves!
A Kitty Inspecting the Posh Kitty Quilt
Romeo inspecting the Posh Kitty Quilt

Binding and Finishing

Lastly, I made a scrappy binding using strips from the left-over orange fabrics I’d used in the kitty body. To make a scrappy binding like this, make sure to cut all your strips to the same width. (I like to cut my bindings at 2.25-inches wide.) Then, sew the various strips together to make a continuous length of binding long enough to go around your entire quilt plus about 12 inches. Press the binding in half and sew it to your quilt top as you would with a regular binding.

Posh Kitty on the Road!

I took a little road trip in August before dropping off the competed Posh Kitty quilt at The Confident Stitch. In the photo below, you can see the scrappy binding with Waterton Lakes National Park in the background.
Posh Kitty Quilt in Waterton!
What a purr-ty view!
I hope you enjoyed my posts on creating the Posh Kitty quilt, and I hope that you are inspired to make your own version! You can find all of the supplies to create the quilt at The Confident Stitch, and you can tailor the colors of your quilted kitty to resemble your own little quilt inspector.
Happy Quilting!
– Jennifer @nwquiltedcat

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