Wardrobe By Me Rebel Raglan Sweatshirt

Nathan models the Rebel Raglan sweatshirt, holding a book.
Nathan, looking very studious, in his Rebel Raglan hoodie.

The Snuggle is Real

Shh. Do you hear that? It’s the sound of sewists all over the world poking their heads out from under their stash of warm winter fabrics and turning their faces towards the much-missed sun. Is it time for our annual ascent into floral madness yet?

No, sweet sewists, back to bed with you. As much as I gaze longingly out the window, hoping against hope for the sun to grace our overcast Missoula skies, I know that my winter wardrobe is here to stay for a while longer. Which, honestly, I’m not complaining. Anyone who knows me knows that I am an outspoken advocate for comfy clothes, often remarking that sweatpants should be acceptable daily attire.

Even after a semi-mild winter, most days I still find myself reaching for an extra sweater or hoodie before heading out the door. There’s something undeniably comforting about a garment you can nestle yourself into like a wearable blanket, and the Wardrobe by Me Rebel Raglan Sweatshirt Pattern fills the cozy bill! It’s the perfect garment to keep warm in while waiting for spring to truly bloom!

Nathan modeling the Rebel Raglan sweatshirt, leaning casually against a wall.
The Rebel Raglan Sweatshirt in Organic Soy French Terry

Rebel Rebel

The Rebel Raglan is a classic sweatshirt, with – you guessed it – raglan sleeves, rib cuffs, and a hem band. Though drafted as a men’s pattern, this garment would be a welcome addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

For this particular garment sample, we pressed Maisie’s unsuspecting boyfriend, Nathan, into service.  At 6’3″, Nathan represents not only a gender but a body type that we don’t often get to sew for. So, when this pattern came up on our radar, Maisie (rather unscrupulously) volunteered him for the project. He was a good sport though and, as you can see, a natural model. Plus, he gets a super-cozy sweatshirt out of the deal!

Cozy Comfort

Uber-luxurious and with a satisfying weight, this knit recovers nicely and doesn’t pill which means that, even after washing, Nathan’s hoodie will retain its signature softness. We really can’t praise this fabric enough, which brings me to the good news.We also carry this knit in Black, Brown, Wine, Olive Green, and Natural. So your dreams of a French Terry hoodie can still come true!

Cuffs and bottoms band made from our Bamboo Ribbed Knit in Dark Grey

For the cuffs and band of this hoodie, Bonnie used a soft and sturdy Bamboo Rib Knit in Dark Grey. We carry this rib knit in several standard colors including navy, black, white, and light grey. And, while they are not currently listed on our website, you can always request a swatch or make a purchase over the phone at 406-540-4068.

View from the Top

The Rebel Raglan pattern includes two views, but the only real difference between A and B is the addition of a hood and kangaroo pocket. Feel free to mix and match according to your taste! Nathan decided he wanted a traditional hoodie with accompanying pocket rather than a crew neck, so Bonnie went with View B.

As mentioned, Nathan is over six feet tall, and he comfortably fit a 3X according to this pattern’s sizing. That being said, Nathan doesn’t normally reach for a 3X shirt when shopping off the rack, which tells us that Wardrobe By Me’s sizing runs smaller than is perhaps expected. As always, we recommend picking your size based on your measurements, rather than what size you think you are. What’s more, this pattern’s seam allowance is only 1/4 inch, so wiggle room is minimal.

Pattern Behavior

A Danish pattern company, Wardrobe by Me only recently began offering printed versions of their designs. Back in November, Bonnie made the Akinori Dress for Kate out of a gorgeous Japanese crepe, and, while it turned out very well, there were several fitting hurdles to overcome. Naturally, we were interested to see if a different WBM pattern would pose the same problems.

The Verdict

Though no layout instructions were included in this pattern (which is unusual), we were pleased to discover that – aside from taking the sleeves up 2″ – the finished garment fit Nathan like a dream. Likewise, the construction itself was equally dreamy!

As directed, Bonnie lined the hood but noted that, in this semi-thick French Terry, a single layer would have been more than adequate. She then sewed the garment using a narrow zigzag stitch everywhere but the kangaroo pocket (which required the use of a cover stitch or a double-needle), and finished by serging the edges.

A fun optional touch, Bonnie used the French Terry’s reverse side to make this classic triangle detail.

Needle-less to Say...

All in all, Bonnie was really happy with the neat design and construction of this pattern! Totally do-able for those new to sewing with knits, this pattern is straightforward and easy to follow.

I have to admit, I tend to shy away from basic wardrobe staples like the single-color sweatshirt. However, this pattern – versatile and highly customizable – can easily be integrated into any wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to cut out the sleeves, hood, and/or pocket in fun, contrasting colors for a more playful and personalized look! I, of all people, know that it’s hard to stay realistic about the current weather when you’re yearning for the sunshine, but there’s no reason a warm, practical garment can’t be fun and springy, too. Stay hopeful, sewists!

The cover of the Rebel Raglan Crew pattern. Click here to shop now!

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