Face Masks & Community Support: How Can I Help?

An Outpouring of Support

In response to a recent shortage and hospital requests for face masks, we’ve received many inquiries from those interested in helping. We are grateful to be part of a community that has such a strong will to help others.

As with many things lately, the protocol regarding COVID-19 is updating constantly. And, like you, we have been working to stay informed. We urge those interested in making masks to visit the Providence Hospital, WHO, and CDC websites for the most up-to-date and medically-relevant information regarding masks and other preventative measures.

A Worthy Cause

We are so impressed by our community’s eagerness to dive in and help out during this time of uncertainty. Many people have been hit hard by the closures of their workplaces and are facing food insecurity. For those still wishing to help, a good alternative to making masks is to donate to your local food bank. Here in Montana, we suggest making a monetary donation to the Montana Food Bank Network.

Thank you for looking out for each other. No matter where you are, stay in & stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Face Masks & Community Support: How Can I Help?

  1. Donna says:

    Masks ARE NEEDED. Send them to any hospital in New York State. They might not be used in the ER or the ICU but are being used in nursing homes, hospices, and in areas of the hospital that don’t need N-95 masks. As someone said the other day, what did people do before we had disposable masks.

    • Maisie Gospodarek says:

      Donna, Thank you for your response.
      Requests for homemade masks vary depending upon state, region, and, as you point out, profession. However, as of last week, in Missoula, Montana the local hospitals officially requested that we not send any more masks. The general consensus is to avoid sending them across state lines. Doctors are uncertain how long the virus clings to surfaces, which is why mailing packages of any kind to nursing homes is being discouraged. It’s important to think carefully about the possibility of spreading the disease, and to avoid sewing in a group.
      We know that certain groups have reached out to the Facebook group Crafters Against COVID-19 for homemade masks, and we urge those interested in making masks to contact them. Like you, we agree that the most important thing is that sewers do their research, thereby making sure that their efforts are not only effective but safe.

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