Double Struck Star Quilt, Part 2

Hi Everyone!

In my last post I talked about starting a new modern quilt called Double Struck Star by Krista Moser. This pattern displays colorful fabrics against neutral a background in a modern twist on a classic block shape – the star!
We left off by cutting out all of our triangle shapes, both from the colorful fabric strips sets and from the neutral fabric strip sets. Here’s a look at my neutral triangles with the shadow border:
Neutral triangles with a shadow border.

Laying Out Your Blocks

Gather up all of your pieced triangles and your solid triangles, and lay them out on a design wall or a large floor space, firstly removing any furry quilt inspectors out of the way!

Two of my Furry Quilt Inspectors hard at work!
I started by placing my colorful triangles, following the final assembly diagram in the pattern very closely. In general, I placed the lighter colored triangles towards the middle with the darker colored triangles radiating out towards the star points. Once you place all of your colorful triangles, start to fill in the background triangles. This part can get tricky because the triangles with the shadow border must be placed in a specific order according to the pattern.
Double Struck Star design wall.
Next, step back and take a look at the quilt layout as a whole. You’ll likely want to make a few adjustments. I like to take a picture of the layout as a reference while I’m sewing the blocks together. You can also use pictures to compare several layouts to decide which one you like best!

Sew Your Blocks Together

This quilt is pieced together in columns. I removed one column at a time from my design wall to stitch together so that I didn’t get confused. Be very careful when matching seams, particularly for the neutral triangles with the shadow border. I pinned and flipped my triangles to check accuracy. Place pins at the 1/4-inch seam allowance, and then flip the block right-side out to verify the seams match.
After sewing all my columns, I double-checked that all my triangles faced in the correct direction, and paid particular attention to the star border. I did find several triangles turned in the wrong direction so I corrected them. Stitch the columns together and follow the pressing directions in the pattern.
You now have a completed flimsy!
My complete flimsy!
In my next post, I’ll talk about preparing and quilting your flimsy plus some fun ideas for binding treatments.
Happy quilting!
– Jennifer, @nwquiltedcat

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