Double Struck Star, Part 3

Hello Everyone!

It’s Jennifer Ball, back again! If you’re following along with this miniseries on the Double Struck Star quilt designed by Krista Moser, we’ll finish the quilt in today’s post. If you missed my earlier posts, go check them out!

Quilting Options

Once you have completed your quilt flimsy, it is time to quilt! This particular quilt has triangle points extending past each top and bottom edge. If you are using a longarm machine, you’ll want to trim these points off prior to loading your quilt. I trimmed the triangle points and then stitched along the edges for stability. If you are quilting on a domestic machine, you can leave them on and quilt them or trim them off.


You can see the triangle points extending off the top and bottom of my complete flimsy. I trimmed them prior to using my longarm.


I used Glide thread in Cool Grey 3 on my HQ Avante longarm machine. In the colorful star points, I quilted free-motion swirls. For the neutral background triangles, I unleashed my free-motion creativity by quilting different motifs in each triangle, including ruler work. This pattern is a great one to practice your quilting.


Binding Choices

I like to audition three to four binding choices by laying my quilt on the floor. I place each binding choice along a side of the quilt, and then take a picture of it. Sometimes I will create a photo collage to see all the binding choices at once, but usually one binding choice really jumps out at me.


For the Double Struck Star quilt, I decided to use some leftover Andover Color Theory QC in Taupe for my binding – the same fabric that I used for my star shadow border. I think it frames the quilt really well. I did decide to add a very small color pop along the lower right-edge of the quilt.


To make the color pop accent, I cut out small pieces of fabric leftover from the colorful triangles in the same width as the regular binding at 2-1/4 inches. Then, I stitched the colorful pieces together and added it to the dark grey binding.


The fun pop of color I put in my binding!

Backing Fabric

For my backing fabric I used this colorful, 24″ panel from Northcott’s ColorWorks Concepts collection. The interesting mosaic of triangles and squares in a variety hues and color gradients nicely parallels Krista Moser’s design and my chosen color scheme.
Ironing my quilt backing with a little help from Romeo!

Finished Quilt

I really love the fresh, modern look of my Double Struck Star quilt. The colorful star triangles are bright and cheerful against the neutral background, reminding me of all the spring flowers that are beginning to emerge.



I hope you all enjoyed this mini blog series! If you make a Double Struck Star yourself be sure to tag me @nwquiltedcat and to use the hashtag #confidentmaker.


Happy quilting,

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