Closet Core Pietra Shorts

Closet Core Pietra Shorts
Kate looking relaxed and elegant in her new Closet Case Pietra Shorts made from our ‘Ragged Daisies’ Printed Denim.

A good pair of fashion-forward shorts can be hard to find. They need to be cute, but functional. Ideally they’re a garment that elevates your outfit without sacrificing your comfort. It’s an elusive concept. Lucky for you, after our years of tireless pattern testing here at The Confident Stitch, we’ve managed to crack the code: The Closet Core Pietra Shorts!

In Short, They're Exceptional

A high-waisted pattern, the Pietra contains 3 (really 4) views which each feature a flat front, elastic back, slanted hip pockets (that lay flat!), and a hidden waist stay which keeps the garment anchored at your waist. (No pesky ‘riding-up’ for these shorts!) . As you can see from the fabulous picture above, Bonnie made the shorts, View C, in a size 16 for Kate and the results speak for themselves!

An Amicable Design

Categorized as a “advanced beginner pattern”, the folks at Closet Core not only created a user-friendly design, but the instructions themselves are chock-full of term definitions, pattern modification & fitting resources*, and prep directions! They define and provide instructions on sewing a French Seam, grading between sizes, and lengthening or shortening your pattern!

Furthermore, these shorts presented a clean and polished finish, which pleased perfectionist Bonnie to no end. Still, she did note that a little faith was required because, at times, she was confused by the pattern’s ‘order of operations’. However, following the directions to a ‘T’ got her to the finish line.

This is a good reminder that, when sewing, sometimes it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. But, a well drafted pattern can be trusted to garner the desired results.

*The password to the Closet Core Resource Library is included in the pattern.

Simply Chic

Amazingly, very few alterations had to be made for these shorts to fit the long-legged Kate. Bonnie added 1 1/2″ inches to the length and 2″ to the rise but reflected that, because this is truly a high-waisted pattern, adding an inch to the rise on a 6 foot model would have been sufficient.

Additionally, because these shorts are designed to flare, the hips are cut full, and the waist is elastic Bonnie could have gone down to a size 14. However, this being said, it’s always better to have the option take a garment in than to have the lament that it can’t be taken out!

A Denim Dream

Ragged Daisy Denim
Art Gallery’s Ragged Daisy Denim

This was our first time sewing with Art Gallery’s ‘Ragged Daisies’ Printed Denim, and we give it two thumbs up! Lightweight and 100% cotton, with a nice sheen and a great mixture of drape and structure, Bonnie said that sewing with this denim was downright dreamy. In fact, so pleased were we with this garment, that we’re planning on stocking other denims from this Art Gallery collection. So, be on the lookout!

The Choice is Yours!

The many views included in this pattern leave the door wide open when it comes to fabric options. Depending on your vision, most woven fabrics would make a nice pair of Pietra shorts or pants, the one caveat being that your selection should not exceed mid-weight. A heavy or bulky woven fabric – like a stiff denim – will create an unflattering bulk at the elastic waist. Otherwise, the sky’s the limit!

As the pattern says, “…for a more defined shape use structured wovens…” or “…for a swishy, glamorous look…” go with a rayon, tencel or silk. I LOVE the idea of making the wide-legged, cropped version of this pattern using our new, luxurious Tencel Twill II in Wine. Or maybe a View B tapered version using our Italian Stretch Wool Twill Suiting in Navy? Shoot, why not go for the trifecta and make the shorts as well using the featured daisy denim or our Kokka Lightweight Canvas with Antelope in Blue and Red? See what I mean? The possibilities are endless! And, I don’t know about you, but just talking about the options has worked me into a sewing lather. I’m officially inspired!

Crack the Code

In short, Alan Turing (WWII code-cracker) would be proud of our pattern breakthrough. A flattering design that caters to a variety of shapes and contains a myriad of view options, you’re sure to get your money’s worth out of the Closet Core* Pietra Pants & Shorts Pattern!

Happy Sewing!

*Closet Core (formerly Closet Case) Patterns has changed their name – and for good reason! To learn more about why they made the switch, we encourage you to read It’s a New Era: Say Hello to Closet Core Patterns.

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