The Ipswich Swimsuit Wrap-Up

Just in time for warm weather in Montana, I have completed my Ipswich Swimsuit from Cashmerette! Bess and I did a little photo shoot on my roof-top deck, and, as you can see, I am so pleased with the results!

Selecting the Correct Size

I love the suit, but it’s a little tight in the back. I traced and cut out the pattern in April, so I can’t remember why I thought a size 12 was a good idea! My measurements put me in a size 14. (I sometimes find my past-self’s decisions puzzling!)

Anyway, I made a size 12 E/F, and the built-in bra and the front look great, but the back is much too tight! Ultimately, I had to add a little fabric to S-Hook straps in order to close the back, and you can see some stitch-popping in the photo, so my next attempt at this pattern will be in a size 14 for sure!

The Back of My Ipswich Swimsuit is a Little Tight!
The back of my Ipswich Swimsuit is a little tight!

The Best Swimsuit for Curves!

I definitely recommend this pattern! The suit is comfortable and flattering, and Jenny Rushmore, the owner of Cashmerette, filmed an AMAZING video of the construction steps which really gave me the confidence to attempt this project. If bra-making and swimsuit-sewing are new to you, I highly recommend purchasing the video. Here’s a link.

While we carry a handful of super fun swimsuit fabrics in the shop, we don’t yet carry the power mesh, bra strapping, bra padding, bar lining, S-Hook, and swimsuit lining necessary for this pattern. I purchased these notions from Sew Sassy and was pleased with the quality.

If you are size 12 or larger, you’re in luck, because you can make this flattering swimsuit for yourself!

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