A Scrap of Inspiration

Creating a Home

Having spent the last chapter of my life in transition, I’ve learned a thing or two about the art of packing and unpacking. From Maine to Colorado to Montana, a few (many) things were left behind, while only the essentials (sewing supplies and a shirt or two) were routinely packed. Just as I became a pro at packing, I had to switch to unpacking and and settling into my newest space.

To me, a living space should feel settled. Even though my belongings shifted from one space to another, at the end of the day I could always rely on the same bed spread and familiar wall-hangings. But what wall hangings could possibly survive so many moves and limited storage?

Surround Yourself With Color

With a nonexistent decorating budget, I came to rely on paper and fabric to bring color to my space. A watercolor notebook brought an ever changing splash of colors. And of course, the fabric scrap collection. Every sewing project left behind a few pieces of fabric that I just couldn’t part with as the possibilities seemed endless.

I wanted a way to highlight these gorgeous fabrics and also bring some inspiration to my surroundings. Cue a simple solution with items I already had. Since a few embroidery hoops always seemed to be laying around (I swear I had a project for them) I could create a new piece of art in seconds. Giving each scrap a moment of stretching and tucking suddenly made a tidy wall hanging bursting with color.

embroidery hoop wall decoration
You may have noticed a familiar decorating hack linking our videos.

More Than Just Wall Space

While tuning in to our videos on Facebook and Youtube, you may have noticed a familiar – yet ever changing – backdrop: embroidery hoops featuring our latest fabrics! We use these backdrops to strike a colorful chord with our Confident Makers. Perhaps one of these fabrics will become the focus of your next quilt!

Or, more simply, perhaps you’ll be inspired to showcase those stunning fabric scraps typically hidden in a drawer. Recently, we were asked to provide a tip for showcasing your textile art in your home for the Redfin blog. Of course we had to share our go-to ‘decorating on a dime’ tip. You can find the article here for even more decorating ideas from textile designers all over the country.

Create Your Own Inspiration

When settling into your space it’s important that it fosters creativity and stays true to you. Your surroundings should inspire your next project. Sometimes the best inspiration is a glimpse of projects past. You loved the fabric when you picked it out, shouldn’t it stay loved down to the last scrap?

So tell us, how do your surroundings inspire you?

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