A Pup-tastic Leash and Collar Set

Oh Marley, not even a bow tie could elicit your doggy grin!

After a year filled with extra walks and extra extra snuggles, our pups deserve a spot at the top of our lists. Today’s make is the perfect op-paw-tunity to treat them! We were over the moon to be able to partner with Amber of Ugly Yellow House when making this kit. Amber creates darling bow ties to accessorize pets and even offers matching face masks!  Each kit includes everything needed to make the leash and collar, plus a complimenting bow tie!


Aren’t those bow ties adorable! From left to right: Marbled, Plaid, and Polka-Dotted.

From Tea Cup to Beethoven

For pups with necks smaller than 14″, we recommend the size small option. The webbing used for the small kits is 1/2″ and the bow ties are teensy tiny! For pups with necks larger than 14″, we recommend the size large option which uses 1″ webbing. The hardware in each kit is sized to fit the appropriate webbing. Each kit contains 2.5 yards of webbing, a snapping buckle, two D-Rings, a Triglide Slide, a swivel snap, matching thread, written instructions, and a bow tie. Bow ties are limited, so don’t delay!

Collar Measurements
Webbing Length Finished Length
36”  19-31”
24” 13-20”
18” 9-14”
12” 6.5-9.5”

Fido's Tips

Since this kit is made with webbing, make sure your machine is set up properly for the task at hand. Don’t worry if your machine is less-than-industrial, a regular sewing machine can easily handle this make with the right setup. First, use a needle meant for heavy-duty fabric. I found a denim needle to work great, but a leather needle would also work. Use a zipper foot to sew as close to the hardware as possible. The last machine adjustment is to increase your tension to 6 and stitch length to 3.5. Since webbing will fray, singe the ends with a small flame.

Sewing a Box X Stitch

Webbing is often secured using a stitch called the box x stitch. This type of stitch is used to secure handles to bags that will carry a heavy load. Strapworks, the producer of this webbing, has a great tutorial which you can watch here. Since the small kit uses 1/2″ webbing, fitting the box x stitch can be a bit difficult. Feel free to skip the box x stitch and use a zig-zag stitch across the webbing to reinforce instead.

Collar Assembly

Before stitching the webbing, follow all steps to see how the final product looks. Below is a handy clip showing the correct order of assembly.

  1. Cut the webbing to the desired collar length using the chart above. Be sure to cut the ‘Webbing Length’ not the ‘Finished Length’ measurement.
  2. Slide one end of the webbing through the tri-glide slide leaving a 2” tail. Fold the tail down and stitch using Box X Stitch to secure. 
  3. From the underside of the male buckle, loop the other end of the webbing up, down, and out. 
  4. Continue to pull webbing through the ‘male’ buckle and weave it through the tri-glide slide, thereby forming an adjustable loop. 
  5. Slide the D-Ring onto the loose end of the webbing.
  6. Slide the loose end of webbing through the top of the female buckle leaving a 2” tail. 
  7. Fold and sew a Box X Stitch next to the female buckle leaving 1” of tail free. 
  8. Position the D-ring underneath the 1” of loose tail, against the female buckle Box X Stitch that you’ve just sewn.
  9. With a straight stitch, sew the tail in place to secure the D-Ring.
  10. Collar complete!


Leash Assembly

  1. Cut your remaining webbing to desired leash length. A standard leash is 2 yards long.
  2. Loop one end of webbing through the swivel snap leaving a 2” tail. Fold and sew in place using a Box X Stitch. Allow a full inch for the Box X Stitch. 
  3. Slide the D-Ring onto the other end of the leash.
  4. Form handle loop. We recommend allowing at least 18” for the loop.
  5. With the D-Ring inside the handle loop, sew tail in place with another 1” Box X Stitch.
  6. Slide the D-Ring to rest against the Box X Stitch and straight stitch on the other side of the D-ring to secure it in place.


Ta Da!

Pups and kitties alike look dashing in these adorable Bow Ties!


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