Liesl + Co. Verdun Woven T-Shirt

The Liesl + Co Verdun Shirt - always a good time!
Foot loose & fancy free in our Liesl + Co Verdun Shirts!

Verdun Fun

The Verdun Woven T-Shirt is the easiest, open and shut, pattern I’ve ever attempted. A relaxed woven tee (made by one of my most recommended pattern companies, Liesl + Co.), the Verdun curves out flatteringly at the waist and has a slight hi-lo hem with dropped shoulders, two sleeve views, three cups sizes, and the option for a nice scooped or v-notch neck.

In fact, this pattern was so nice, I decided to make it twice!

Okay, okay. I did make a teensy mistake on my first attempt with this pattern, but, ultimately, this is a story of sewing redemption. So sit yourself back with tea and snacks because the Verdun is worth raving about!

The Mistake

(Ver)dun, dun, dunnnn! This is a classic case of ‘do as I say, not as I do!’ As we all know, you should read the pattern completely before beginning a project. I did and still managed to cut the pattern pieces separately for the front bodice when they were supposed to be taped together. Luckily, the Prismatic Peonies Linen in Black & Pink that Kate picked hid the godforsaken seam fairly well. And I – an optimist – think that it kind of looks like a peplum top that helps to shape the waist flatteringly. So I think I might be getting away with this one!

Verdun Shirt
The beautiful floral design on this linen helps to hide that mistaken seam!

Otherwise, the Verdun Shirt was exceptionally easy to make. The directions are vibrant with detail, explaining even the simplest steps with well thought-out diagrams. Mama loves a good diagram, and this pattern even shows one side of the pocket finished and the other not so I can better understand how to fold the edges in.

Speaking of the Pocket...

The pocket was my only stumbling point, I jumbled up right side and wrong side jargon. The instructions tell you to fold the right sides in and stitch along the edges of the pocket. Then, once flipped right-side out, all the raw edges will be enclosed. I first folded it the wrong way and questioned, “Is this supposed to be a cute pocket?” Of course it is! Double check the diagram on this step which shows the right and wrong sides of the fabric to ensure you’ve folded the proper way.

Keep in mind, too, that the bust dart on the right side of the bodice (the wearer’s left side) may slightly shift your pocket placement markings once it’s been sewn. To make sure that my pocket remained straight, I connected the top two pocket placement markings with a chalk line. I then aligned the top edge of my pocket with this drawn line, and this kept everything nice and straight.

Round Two

The Verdun 2.0!
The Verdun 2.0!

Lucky for me, I got a second chance at this pattern, and, if I do say so myself, the Verdun 2.0 is perfect!

Made for Mina (our new Marketing Manager) using the Festive Flora Tencel in Teal and the Festive Flora Tencel in Yellow, this subsequent attempt not only allowed me to rectify my original mistake, it provided me with an excellent opportunity to pattern match! Funky, eco-friendly, and gosh darn festive, I used the Teal colorway of this drape-y Kaleidoscope Studios fabric for the front and back, and the Yellow for the facings and pocket!

Mistakes Are Growth

The best part? No pesky seam across the front of this bad boy – that’s right. I taped the pattern pieces together as Liesl + Co. intended and doesn’t it look stunning? I swear to you – I made two Verdun Shirts inside eight hours – this pattern is the bomb! The hem and neck facings are darling and it’s all so simple to put together. Plus, you can use everything from linen to rayon, to flannel to quilting cotton! For the long-sleeve version, I recommend something with a little more drape like our Brussels Washer Linen or Lyocell Twill!

Any of these wonderful Kaleidoscope Tencels would be perfect!

In conclusion...

Don’t walk, run to the Verdun! Shop the pattern here.

And, as always, please share your makes to our Confident Stitch Instagram! We really do gather around to ohhh and ahhh at your beautiful makes of art!

4 thoughts on “Liesl + Co. Verdun Woven T-Shirt

  1. Nadine says:

    I love these posts! Might I suggest making the pattern link in a different highlighted color rather than just BOLD? Older eyes would find that helpful….asking for a friend of course! I finally found it….and added it (and another) to my cart, thinking it might work with the swatch card coming. Wish I could be at the Sidewalk Sale today!

    • Maisie Gospodarek says:

      Thanks for this feedback Nadine! Yes of course – asking for a friend! ;)

      Unfortunately, there’s currently no easy way to change the color of the font in the blog (a travesty). Granted, I’m no coder and I’m sure with a little research I can figure something out. In the meantime, I have made the link even bolder than it was AND I included one at the end of the post as well.

      The Verdun is a great pattern and there are definitely a few fabrics in this season’s {gar}Meant for You collection that will work great! Thanks for reading.

  2. Amanda Bayley says:

    Hi I am going to try this pattern this week as a fairly new sewer. I need to lengthen my tshirt but i noticed that there are two lines to lengthen. Do i only need to lengthen at the one line
    Thank you

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