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Days for Girls

Days for Girls International is a non-profit organization that helps girls stay in school and retain dignity. Most girls in developing countries miss school during their periods, and many eventually drop out. There are Days for Girls clubs all across the world, and Missoula’s group is headed by Dr. Jen Elison and Keesha Cain!

For many young people who menstruate, the difference between getting an education and dropping out is a reusable, menstrual hygiene kit. Days for Girls volunteers make reusable menstrual products – pads, liners, a waterproof shield, etc. – which are then shipped to young girls in need all around the world.

A New Partnership

The Confident Stitch is thrilled to report that the Missoula DFG club will now be meeting in our classroom on the first Monday of every month from 4pm to 6pm. Keesha and Jen are always looking for new volunteers, but keep in mind that COVID immunizations and masks will be required in order to keep everyone safe. The first meeting will take place on Monday, October 4th, 2021.

Don’t scrap your fabric scraps!

In addition to these new monthly meetings, Jen and Keesha are organizing a fabric drive! They are seeking double brushed cotton flannel and quilting cotton in colorful, cheerful, stain-hiding patterns (see the chart below for fabric color/pattern criteria) to make high-quality, reusable feminine hygiene kits. Cotton pieces must be at least 5 X 5 inches, flannel must be at least 9 X 9 inches. (Bed sheets are not durable or strong enough and can’t be used.)

Fabric Criteria

Fabric color/pattern criteria

Because these kits are distributed globally, certain fabric patterns need to be avoided. Here is a list of fabric that CANNOT be used in kits:

  • Prints with face/eyes such as animals, fish, people, etc.
  • Insects or snakes (butterflies are OK)
  • Camouflage/guns/hunting
  • Solid saffron/yellow fabric. (This color is sacred in many cultures.)
  • Cartoon/TV/pop culture/National flags/words/glam fabrics

Between now and November, you can drop your leftover fabric in the donation bin located at The Confident Stitch!

Get Involved

To learn more about which fabrics you can and can’t use – and to learn more about Days for Girls in general – watch Maisie’s interview with Jen Elison, and contact Jen & Keesha at [email protected]

Thank you, thank you in advance for your generosity and kindness!!

-Jen and Keesha at Missoula Days for Girls.


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