Maven Patterns Maria Apron

My new Maven Pattern Maria Apron made using our Eastern Meadowlark Canvas!

A Match Made in Heaven

For years I’ve wanted to make a cross-back apron, but I’m actually not a regular apron-wearer, so I hadn’t gotten around to it. Then we got the Maven Patterns Maria Apron pattern and soon after that the wonderful Charley Harper Organic Eastern Meadowlark Canvas in Forest. I knew as soon as I saw the canvas that it was perfect for the pattern, and now I’m a convert to aprons, Charley Harper, and Maven Patterns!

An American Artist

Let’s start with the fabric. Charley Harper was an American artist who created stylized designs, often of birds, that were widely used for National Park Service posters, book illustrations, and interpretive natural history materials. His designs have a bold simplicity and often a touch of whimsy, and they adapt really well to fabric.

Birch Fabrics is a company that sells 100% cotton organic fabrics (“made with love, not pesticides”) including a number of Charley Harper designs. We carry their canvas in two of his prints, the Eastern Meadowlark, featuring the bird on its nest in forest green with touches of goldenrod, and Clair de Loon, a beautiful blue design of a loon with babies on its back, reflected in a moonlit lake. The canvas is a good weight, crisp but not stiff. Perfect!

No Apron Strings Attached

I love how these crossed straps look! So comfortable & hassle-free
I love how these crossed straps look! So comfortable & hassle-free.

This is the second Maven pattern I’ve made, and it shares many of the same features I liked in the first – simple, clear directions, big pockets, and minimal fussiness. Other things I like about this apron pattern? It is ample with good coverage, it has no ties, and I think the cut is flattering. If you don’t have much of a waist, no one will know! It also came in handy last week when I spilled some coffee on my jeans. I just popped it over my outfit and voila! 

Lickedy Split

The Zootown Arts Community Center let me test out my new apron in their Paint-Your-Own-Pottery Studio!
The Zootown Arts Community Center let me test out my new apron in their Paint-Your-Own-Pottery Studio!

You can make this apron in two hours, start to finish. The only part that was even a tiny bit tricky was attaching the straps in the front. (I ended up with a small pucker on one side that I have to go back and smooth.) I faced the apron in a quilting cotton, which I recommend to reduce bulkiness where the straps attach.

The scrap of Andover French Bees in Black & Gold I used made a nice contrast. The pattern directions recommend fusing the interfacing to the facing before cutting — did everyone know this brilliant trick except me? So much neater and easier! I plan to make it a regular practice. 

MVA (Most Valuable Apron)

The Maria Apron is great for any activity!
The Maria Apron is great for any activity!

Since I made this apron, I kind of want to wear it all the time. It’s great for wearing at work, you can keep your scissors and pen in your pocket, and it is good-looking and comfortable. It’s great to wear in the garden or for foraging. I suppose you could wear it for cooking too!

P.S. Big Shout out to the ZACC (Zootown Community Arts Center) for letting me model in their ‘Pain-Your-Own-Pottery’ studio! Everyone there is so helpful and supportive, they provide great resources to the Missoula community, AND – with their help – I’ve discovered another fun activity for which the Maria Apron is perfect!

13 thoughts on “Maven Patterns Maria Apron

  1. cdquilt11 says:

    Such cute pics! I’m a total apron girl, so when I saw yours made up in this fabric I knew I had to order some. I’ve been wanting a cross back apron for ages and this is such wonderful fabric for it, especially as I’m a bird watcher as well. Also love your cute orange sandals! Are they Jambu’s?

    • Elizabeth Reinhardt says:

      Hi Gail,
      This pattern goes up to an XL – 44″ in the bust, 48″ in the hips. I’m sorry Maven Patterns hasn’t yet extended their size range, but hopefully they will in the future!
      Thanks for reading.

  2. Geri McBeth says:

    Hi, I am not a beginner sewer but for the life of me I cannot make the back straps sit right up against the side seams as called for between facing and fashion fabric. I’ve checked my print out pattern and there does seem to be 1/4″ off so I will make that correction to the pattern straps but even with that it does not align with the side seam. Did you have any problems in this area?

    • kate says:

      Hi Geri,
      I have made two of the aprons, and on the first one, my straps were also 1/4″ off. On the second one, they lined up correctly. I don’t know why! I have a tacky 1/4″ jog between one strap and the side seam on the first apron I made. You’re not alone!
      🙂 Kate

  3. Diane says:

    Love love this apron. I’m big chested and a size 16. I think I would be more comfortable in an 1X. Has the pattern been updated to fit us curvy women?

    • kate says:

      Hi Diane!
      Unfortunately, expanded sizing does not yet exist for this pattern. However, it is not a fitted design at all and the XL is made to accommodate a 44″ bust, a 37″ waist, and a 48″ hip.

    • kate says:

      Unfortunately not right now Heidi. However, Birch reprints in response to demand. So we have placed an order and hopefully the interest will be great enough that they decide to reprint in the near future!

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