Introducing: Kate’s Swatch Experiences!

Introducing: Kate's Experience

Sometimes the most difficult thing about sewing – be it garment making or quilting – is knowing where to begin.
How do I pick my fabric? Is it right for what I have in mind? What other fabrics will complement it? Will it look good on me? How do I care for it?
What pattern should I choose? Does it fit my skill level? Do I have the tools I need? Are there helpful resources available?

With Kate’s Swatch Experience you’ll find answers to all these questions, an abundance of inspiration, access to tons of helpful resources, and a supportive community of sewists in search of the same thing!

Out With The Old:
The Swatch Service Subscription

Why change a good thing?

Good point! That’s why The Confident Stitch Swatch Service you’ve known and loved the past two years is actually not changing all that much! Think of these changes as more of a rebrand. Our goal is to market Kate’s Swatch Experience to people who don’t know about it (yet!) more accurately. The service itself will not change, but we want the subscriptions to better represent the whole experience we’re delivering to your door.

Moreover, as our business grows, these changes will help the service grow with us (we call this “scalability” in business). These changes will help TCS team operate to keep the service moving along AND grow!

So what is actually changing?

For more details about what to expect, read on! For even more details, check out or Frequently Asked Questions. And as always, please don’t hesitate to contact us with this form, by email, DM, or carrier pigeon!

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick list:

  1. We’re adding two more swatches of fabric to each of the garment cards. Swatch Sets will include 10 fabrics now, instead of 8! Yay!
  2. On all the Swatch Cards, we’re adding a QR code that you can hover your phone over and you’ll be directed to beautiful web pages with resources and info about your Swatch Set(s). New to QR codes? You’re going to love it! (Click here for some simple instructions about QR codes)
  3. We’ll refer to the Swatch Service as Kate’s Swatch Experience from now on. This is the umbrella term for the swatch service we offer, which includes two separate products and you can subscribe to one or both:
    1.  The quilting cotton subscription is called We Quilt This City
      • Choose whether you want to receive one, two, or three bundles of 5.5″ squares of quilting cotton. Each card costs $15.
    2. The garment fabric subscription is called {gar} Meant for You
      • Choose whether you’d like your Swatch Set to contain warm tones or cool tones (or subscribe to both). Each card costs $15.
  4. We have removed the option to purchase either Swatch Set once. From now on, you’ll have to subscribe to receive Kate’s Swatch Experience. But don’t worry, this is no extra cost and there’s no penalty to cancel! We make it easy for you.
  5. You can now purchase Kates Swatch Experience as a gift for somebody else! Simply check the “This is a gift” box and prepare to have the recipient’s email address at checkout.

In With The New:
The Swatch Experience

I’m new here. What is it?

TCS Team picking out fabric for Kate's Swatch Experience Winter 2021
TCS Team picking out fabric for Kate’s Swatch Experience Winter 2021

Whether you’re a quilter, crafter, or garment maker (or all of the above!) you’ll find just what you need with Kate’s Swatch Experience!

As a subscriber to this service, you’ll receive a curated collection of fabrics, hand-selected by Kate, every three months. These seasonal swatch sets are a big experience in a tiny package, and include inspiring fabric, pattern suggestions, video tutorials, exclusive content, and more!

Subscribers will receive a unique 10% discount code that won’t expire until the next season’s release, and which can be applied to all the featured fabrics, quilt kits, and the suggested garment patterns.

{gar}Meant for You

The {gar}Meant for You swatch experience is a curated, tactile, and informative fabric shopping experience that’s designed to help you confidently sew your dream wardrobe!

You can choose between our Warm Tones and our Cool Tones swatches (or both). In a small, yet high-tech package delivered to your door, Gar-Meant For You includes:

  • Ten seasonal garment fabric swatches
  • Pattern suggestions to complete the look
  • Expert sewing tips
  • Kate’s helpful video tutorials
  • Exclusive access to sewing resources

We Quilt this City

If you love to quilt, the We Quilt This  City (WQTC) subscription will supply you with fun & straightforward quilting ideas and provide a community to do make with. WQTC includes:

  • A seasonal collection of hand-selected ready-to-use 5.5” quilting cotton fabric squares
  • Instructions for a small & large quilting project
  • Kate’s helpful instructional videos
  • Exclusive access to quilting resources



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  1. Amelia Lopez Saltarelli says:

    Trying to setup account
    New sewing and have several projects on my list.
    Would like your swatch pack to help me identify fabrics. My blog friends recommended you for this.

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