The Grainline Field Bag: 4 Tips To Know Before You Get Started

Guess what!?! It’s that time of year again: Gift Making Time! I like to give people gifts made by me, or gifts, such as the Grainline Field Bag Kit, that they will enjoy making themselves. In either situation, the Grainline Studio Field Bag is perfect because of how little time it takes to make. I’ve made it so many times that I have a few tips to share with you to make it even easier!

Grainline Field Bag
The Grainline Field Bag is a perfect gift for crafters


I was so excited to make the Grainline Field bag when the pattern arrived at The Confident Stitch! This bag is so cute and convenient, I knew it would be a hit – and it was! Confident Stitchers love the Field Bag so much that we made it into a kit!

The kit includes:

  • 1 yard canvas of your choice
  • (1) Grainline Field Bag Pattern
  • 12″ X 1″ Montana leather strap
  • 2 yards 1/4 in drawstring cord
  • (3) 8mm gold grommets
  • (1) 100 m matching thread

In order to complete the kit and provide some additional instruction, I made a video of the entire process (you can watch it here).To prepare for the video, I ended up making three Grainline Studio Field Bags! And as a result, I have a few tips, tricks, and lessons learned to share with you:


Before I share my experience, I want to say that the instructions are great. Fringe Supply Co. used to manufacture the Field Bag in a factory, and the steps are designed to maximize speed and efficiency (two of my favorite things).

  • I especially love that the instructions have you pre-press the top hem while it is still flat and accessible.
  • Their suggestion of using a point-press for pressing the french seam open was also a huge help.
  • And definitely use their tip for tucking the triangles of the boxed corner under the pocket. It makes the bag look professional and enhances its structural integrity.


Tip # 1

Don’t try to make the holes for the grommets after you have constructed the pocket. Punching holes through three layers of the canvas takes forever! The instructions say to make the holes before you construct the pockets. Stick to the instructions here!

Tip #2

Use a Big Jig to start topstitching the pocket in place (get it HERE). You’ll be able to see the bobbin stitches on the outside of the bag, and by keeping the presser foot parallel with the feed dogs, the Big Jig helps ensure that the stitches look good.

Tip #3

When sewing the dividing lines to create the small and medium pockets, start at the bottom (closed end) and sew toward the top (open end). That way, if the fabric shifts, you won’t create a pleat or bubble at the bottom of the pocket.

Tip #4

Use a Hardwood Tailor’s Clapper (get it HERE). A clapper is a simple piece of wood, but if you use steam and let the fabric cool under the clapper, the fabric will hold its crease like a champ. Clappers are especially helpful for hems on heavier fabrics like the canvas used to make a Field Bag.

Grainline Field Bag
The Kit includes: The Grainline Field Bag Pattern, Your Choice of Fabric, Leather Strap, Drawstring, and Grommets

I highly recommend this bag as a gift for crafters (yourself included).

For a full tutorial, watch my YouTube Video:

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