Tabitha Sewer Nina Jumpsuit

Nina Jumpsuit in Birch Leaves Linen in Roasted Pecan
Tabitha Sewer’s Nina Jumpsuit made from the Birch Leaves Linen in Roasted Pecan.

Jumpsuiting Right In

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed an increased amount of jumpsuit love – and it makes sense! What is more functional and comfortable than a grown-up onesie with extra pockets?!

Whether you call this garment style overalls, dungarees, a boiler suit, or a jumpsuit – there’s no denying it’s a workhorse! 


Function? ✅✅

Style? Well . . . sometimes. 

Fashion Forward Thinking

Enter – the Nina Jumpsuit.

Designed by Tabitha Sewer, this pattern is named after the ever inspiring Nina Simone. Her strong yet feminine personality inspired the structured and stylish silhouette of this pattern.

Nina Simone certainly knew how to rock a jumpsuit!
Nina Simone certainly knew how to rock a jumpsuit!

While traditional overalls can be a bit lackluster in the fashion department, the Nina Jumpsuit is anything but.

Featuring an eye-catching wide leg and close fitting waist, this midi length jumpsuit has a center seam down the front. Most overall patterns feature one panel for the front body, but the center seam actually gives you a fun choice! You can use it as pattern matching practice or take on a color-blocked version for extra pizazz!

Other fun details of this pattern include shoulder straps that cross in the back and attach at the center back waist with buttons and buttonholes. I recommend you take some time to decide if this button placement will work for you. Personally, I have a hard time handling buttons on my back. To improve my jumpsuit, I plan to switch it around and add buttons and buttonholes to the front instead.

This modification will impact steps 10-15 as the neckline and ‘armholes’ utilize a bias binding for a clean finish. I struggled to get this clean finish where the straps meet the bodice since I lengthened my straps after all was said and done. So please, learn from me and make sure you are totally happy with your strap length before applying this bias binding! 

I love how this jumpsuit doesn’t inhibit movement!

Fabric Decisions

For this garment, Tabitha recommends using a medium-weight woven fabric so I selected Robert Kaufman’s Birch Leaves Linen in Roasted Pecan. A blend of 55% linen and 45% cotton, this fabric is part of the stunning Quarry Trail collection. I would love to see the Nina Jumpsuit made using corduroy, a fun woven cotton from Diamond Textiles, or even a brightly patterned canvas!

Which Stitcher?

Since the Nina Jumpsuit requires skills such as pattern matching and installing a zipper, I recommend this pattern to all you intermediate Steady Stitchers out there. This being said, Tabitha Sewer actually offers an online Nina Jumpsuit Sewalong, so if you’re a brave Up & Coming Stitcher looking to expand your skills, this is a great place to start! 

Nina Jumpsuit in Birch Leaves Linen in Roasted Pecan
Nina Jumpsuit in Birch Leaves Linen in Roasted Pecan

All Aboard

If you haven’t hopped on the jumpsuit train yet, you should absolutely try out the Nina Jumpsuit from Tabitha Sewer. It brings together function, comfort, and best of all – style!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Janet Bockman says:

    Your jumpsuit is so very cute and looks good on you as you tend to your adorable chickens! Nice job!! Thanks for sharing!

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