5 Things We Love About Art Gallery Fabrics

Why we adore AGF

The Art Gallery Angular Strings Canvas

Back in 2004, Art Gallery Fabrics was founded on the desire to bring a chic and modern perspective to the quilting industry. They are known for partnering with amazing designers like Mister Domestic “to design fabrics that fit today’s modern lifestyle” and feature “a chic, sophisticated touch”. Here are 5 reasons why we love AGF and their first-rate fabrics:

1. Aesthetic

Very rarely can ‘whimsical’ and ‘sophisticated’ be pulled off simultaneously, but AGF does exactly that! 

Whether it’s eye-catching florals, precious pollywogs, or wintertime shenanigans, AGF carries a wide array of patterns that draw in the eye with their depth, delicacy, and modern look. In fact, when separately asked what their favorite feature of Art Gallery Fabrics is, three of the TCS team members used the word “whimsical” in their description of the prints!

Art Gallery Fabrics
The whimsical quilting cottons featured in our Love is is the Air QC Bundle!

2. Unique Palette

Art Gallery’s fabrics share a unique color palette that ties well across collections and substrates (quilting cotton, knits, rayons, etc.), which, in turn, make them really easy to match to one another – especially if you’re shopping online! 

All four of these AG quilting cottons come from different collections, but they still look so great together!
All four of these AG quilting cottons come from different collections, but they still look so great together!

Elizabeth combined fabrics from AGF’s Bookish, Pond Life and Open Heart collections to make this Heart Beat Wall Hanging and it looks just great!

3. They're good for you!

All AG fabrics are Oeko-tex certified, which means they are free of harmful chemicals. You can feel good about wearing a garment or snuggling up in a quilt made out of Art Gallery fabrics. 

4. Quality

Not only does Art Gallery manufacture an awesome array of substrates – cotton knits, rayons, flannel, canvas, and quilting cotton – but each and every one of their fabrics looks and feels amazing! After all, their company motto is ‘Feel the Difference’!

Art Gallery Fabrics
If They Were Real Rayon in White

5. Versatility

Speaking of feel, we love how soft AGF quilting cottons are. Their texture and drape is closer to a cotton voile than to a traditional quilting cotton, and, as such, they can easily be used for garment making. Can’t you just picture a Michelle Dress or Scout Tee made out of one of these gorgeous cottons?

Sew, if you haven’t already, give AGF fabrics a try! Whether you’re a quilter or garment maker you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

Check out Maisie’s YouTube video to get a closer look at all our beautiful AGF fabrics:

A Special Sale!

To spread our love for Art Gallery Fabrics, we’re having a ‘Love is in the Air’ sale!  January 29th through February 5th all Art Gallery Fabrics (plus the Quick Curve Ruler, Mini Quick Curve Ruler, and Mini Wonderful Curves book) will be 20% off. Shop to it!

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