Five Things We LOVE About Brussels Washer Linen

We LOVE Brussels Washer Linen and recommend it to customers time and time again.  Here’s why: 

1. Wildly washable, wonderfully unwrinkled

Brussels Washer Linens by Robert Kauffman are 55% linen and 45% rayon, giving them the advantage of easy washing and drying with moderate wrinkling. 

2. Gorgeous Colors

This linen blend come in all kinds of colors, from taupe to ocean blue and everything in between! While we don’t carry the entire Brussels line, we’re always happy to order a new color upon request.

A few of our Brussels Washer Linens!

3. Beautiful Drape & Versatile Weight

We can, once again, thank the rayon/linen fabric content for the lovely drape of this fabric. What’s more, the nice mid-weight combined with this drape means that you can use this fabric for just about anything! Pants, dresses, skirts, light jackets, scarfs, jumpsuits – even quilting is on the table!

4. Utterly Affordable

Ranging between $9.80-$12.40/yard, Brussels Washer Linens (which are all 52″ wide) cost much less than other linens. With affordability, comes no sacrifice of quality however. They feel as good as they look!

What’s more, the affordability means you can stress less about making a mistake than you might with a pricier fabric. 

5. Sew Easy


This linen is exceedingly easy to sew with. It’s not slippery or stretchy, there’s no directional print, and there’s no wrong side. If you’re an up-and-coming stitcher, Brussels Washer Linen is a great fabric to experiment with. Likewise, Steady and Top Stitchers can feel comfortable using it to attempt more difficult patterns.  

See for yourself!

Browse our beautiful collection of Brussels Washer Linen here. Also, if you’d like to feel this awesome fabric before ordering yardage, we recommend buying a swatch! An ‘Add Swatch to Cart’ button can be found on each fabric item page.

Happy sewing!

4 thoughts on “Five Things We LOVE About Brussels Washer Linen

  1. Jeri Fisher says:

    I really enjoy sewing with this linen/rayon blend! It isn’t slippery, very soft, and washes wonderfully! It’s a great work horse in my sewing adventures 🙂 Thanks for carrying such a great selection and the prices are so so affordable! PS…..the pre-treat linen method really works!

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